The Human Comedy By William Saroyan

The Human Comedy Book PDF Free Download

The Human Comedy Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book


The little boy named Ulysses Macauley one day stood over the new gopher hole in the backyard of his house on Santa Clara Avenue in Ithaca, Cali fornia.

The gopher of this hole pushed up fresh moist dirt and peeked out at the boy, who was certainly a stranger but perhaps not an enemy.

Before this miracle had been fully enjoyed by the boy, one of the birds of Ithaca flew into the old walnut tree in the backyard and after settling itself on a branch broke into a rapture.

Moving the boy’s fascination from the earth to the tree. Next, best of all, a freight train puffed and roared far away. The boy listened and felt the earth beneath him tremble with the moving of the train.

Then he broke into running, moving (it seemed to him) swifter than any life in the world. When he reached the crossing he was just in time to see the passing of the whole train, from locomotive to caboose.

He waved to the engineer, but the engineer did not wave back to him. He waved to five others who were with the train, but not one of them waved back.

They might have done so, but they didn’t. At last a Negro appeared leaning over the side of a gondola. Above the clatter of the train, Ulysses heard the man singing:

“Weep no more, my lady, O weep no more today We will sing one song for the old Kentucky home For the old Kentucky home far away”

Ulysses waved to the Negro too, and then a wondrous and unexpected thing happened. This man, black and different from all the others, waved back to Ulysses, shouting: “Going home, boy-going back where I belong!”

The small boy and the Negro waved to one another until the train was almost out of sight. Then Ulysses looked around.

There it was, all around him, the funny and lonely-the world of his life. The strange, weed-infested, junky, wonderful, senseless yet beautiful world.

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The Human Comedy Book PDF Free Download

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