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Chapter In The Book

It’s Cream Shirt Wednesday. Joshua is off on a late lunch. He’s made a few more comments to me lately about things I like and do. They have been so accurate I’m pretty sure he’s been snooping through my stuff. Knowledge is power, and I don’t have much.

First, I conduct a forensic examination of my desk. Both Helene and Mr. Bexley despise computerized calendars, and so we have to keep matching paper schedule looks like we’re Dickensian law clerks. In mine, there are only Helene’s
appointments. I obsessively lock my computer, even if I go to the printer.

My unlocked computer in the vicinity of Joshua? I may as well hand him the nuclear codes now. Back at Gamin Publishing, my desk was a fort made of books.

I kept my pens in the gaps between their spines. When I was unpacking in the new office, I saw how sterile Joshua kept his desk and felt incredibly childish.

I took my Word of the Day calendar and Smurf figurines home again. Before the merger, I had a best friend at work.

Val Stone and I would sit on the worn-out leather couches in the break room and play our favorite game: systematically defacing photographs of beautiful people in magazines.

I’d add a mustache onto Naomi Campbell. Val would then ink out a missing tooth. Soon it was an onslaught of scars and eye patches and bloodshot eyes and devil horns until the picture was so ruined we’d get bored and start another.

Val was one of the staff who was cut and she was furious I didn’t give her some kind of a warning. Not that I would have been allowed to, even if I had known. She didn’t believe me.

I turn slowly, and my reflection spins off twenty different surfaces. I see myself in every size from the music box to the silver screen.

My cherry-red skirt flips out and I pirouette again once, just for the hell of it, trying to shake away the sick, troubled feeling I get whenever I think of Val.

Anyway, my audit confirms that my desk has a red, black, and blue pen. Pink Post-its. One tube of lipstick. A box of tissues for blotting my lipstick and tears of frustration. My planner. Nothing else.

I do a light shuffling tap dance across the marble superhighway. I’m in Joshua Country now. I sit in his chair and look at everything through his eyes.

His chair is so high my toes don’t touch the ground. I wiggle my butt a little deeper into the leather. It feels completely obscene.

I keep one eye permanently swiveled toward the elevator, and use the other to examine his desk for clues. His desk is the male version of mine. Blue Post-its.

He has a sharp pencil in with his three pens. Instead of lipstick, he has a tin of mints. I steal one and put it in the tiny, previously useless pocket of my skirt.

I imagine myself in the laxative section of the drugstore trying to find a good match and have a good little snicker. I jiggle his desk drawer. Locked. So is his computer. Fort Knox.

Well played, Templeman. I make a few unsuccessful guesses at his password. Maybe he doesn’t hate me 4 Eva. There’s no little framed photo of a partner or loved one on this desk.

No grinning, happy dog, or tropical beach memento. I doubt he esteems anyone enough to frame their likeness.

During one of Joshua’s fervent little sales rants, Fat Little Dick boomed sarcastically, We’ve got to get you laid, Doctor Josh.
Joshua replied You’re right, boss.

I’ve seen what a bad drought can do to someone. He said it while looking at me. I know the date. I diarized it in my HR

I get a little tingle in my nostrils. Joshua’s cologne? The pheromone he leaches from his pores? Gross. I flip open his day planner and notice something; a light code of pencil running down the columns of each day.

Feeling incredibly James Bond-ish, I raise my phone and manage to take one single frame. I hear the cables in the elevator shaft and leap to my feet.

I vault to the other side of his desk and manage to slam the planner shut before the doors spring open and he appears. His chair is still spinning gently out of the corner of my eye. Busted.

“What are you doing?”
My phone is now safely down the waistband of my underwear. Note to self: Disinfect phone.
“Nothing.” There’s a tremor in my voice, convicting me instantly. “I was trying to see if it’s going to rain this afternoon. I bumped your chair. Sorry.”

He advances like a floating Dracula. The menace is ruined by the sporting goods- store bag loudly crinkling against his leg. A shoebox is in it, judging from the shape. Imagine the wretched sales assistant who had to help Joshua choose shoes.

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The Hating Game PDF Free Download

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