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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Book PDF Free Download

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She had on a black skirt that was frayed at the hem, a worn-out black, mid-length leather jacket, rivet belt, heavy Doc Marten boots, and horizontally striped, green-and-red knee socks.

She had put on make-up in a color scheme that indicated she might be colorblind. In other words, she was exceptionally decked out.

Armansky sighed and shifted his gaze to the conservatively dressed guest with thick glasses. Dirch Frode, a lawyer, had insisted on meeting and being able to ask questions of the employee who prepared the report.

Armansky had done all he civilly could to prevent the meeting from taking place, saying that Salander had a cold, was away, or was swamped with other work.

The lawyer replied calmly that it made no difference the matter was not urgent and he could easily wait a couple of days.

At last, there was no way to avoid bringing them together. Now Frode, who seemed to be in his late sixties, was looking at Lisbeth Salander with evident fascination.

Salander glowered back with an expression that did not indicate any warm feelings.

Armansky sighed and looked once more at the folder she had placed on his desk labelled CARL MIKAEL BLOMKVIST.

The name was followed by a social security number, neatly printed on the cover. He said the name out loud. Herr Frode snapped out of his bewitched state and turned to Armansky.

“So what can you tell me about Mikael Blomkvist?” he said.

“This is Ms. Salander, who prepared the report.” Armansky hesitated a second and then went on with a smile that was intended to engender confidence, but which seemed helplessly apologetic.

“Don’t be fooled by her youth. She is our absolute best researcher.” “I’m persuaded of that,” Frode said in a dry tone that hinted at the opposite. “Tell me what she found out.”

WriterStieg Larsson
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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Book Pdf Free Download

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