The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do

The Art of Work Book PDF Free Download

The Art of Work:Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

One June evening in 2000, company meeting to watch his five-year-old son play T-ball.

During the game, he and his wife Nancy noticed their little Garrett was having problems placing the ball on the tee and couldn’t seem to balance properly.

Concerned, they took him to the doctor, who immediately ordered a CT scan.

When the Millers were asked to wait in what medical professionals call “the quiet room,” Eric knew something was wrong.

As a nurse, he was well acquainted with the purpose of that room. It was where people went to receive bad, sometimes horrible, news.

The time was six in the evening. 1 By 11:30, Garrett was admitted to Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado, and immediately sent into surgery.

The next morning, on June 24, a golf ball-sized tumor was removed from the back of the five-year-old boy’s head.

He was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma-a word, his dad says, no child should ever have to know.

After the surgery, Garrett was left blind, mute, and paralyzed. Put on a ventilator to help him breathe, he would have to learn how to walk, talk, and go to the bathroom all over again.

Even if by some miracle he was able to do all that, he was still given only a 50 percent chance of surviving the next five years.

The Millers began counting the days they had left with their son. One day in the middle of the cancer treatments, while looking at his son, Eric thought about how the clock was running out on Garrett’s life.

In spite of the challenges facing his little boy, and the worry this caused, he realized something. It was an epiphany of sorts.

Working in the medical profession, an industry “where the clock runs out on people all the time,” Eric realized he was wrong.

It wasn’t just Garrett’s life that could end at any second-it was all of theirs. There was no guarantee anyone in the Miller family would outlive Garrett.

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The Art of Work Book PDF Free Download

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