The Art of Dramatic Writing By Lajos Egri

The Art of Dramatic Writing Book PDF Free Download

The Art of Dramatic Writing Book PDF Free Download

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Romeo and Juliet

The play starts with a deadly feud between two families, the Capulets, and the Montagues. The Montagues have a son, Romeo, and the Capulets a daughter, Juliet.

The youngsters’ love for each other is so great that they forget the traditional hate between their two families. Juliet’s parents try to force her to marry Count Paris, and, unwilling to do this.

She goes to the good friar, her friend, for advice. He tells her to take a strong sleeping draught on the eve of her wedding which will make her seemingly dead for forty-two hours.

Juliet follows his advice. Everyone thinks her dead. This starts the onrushing tragedy for the two lovers. Romeo, believing Juliet really dead, drinks poison and dies beside her.

When Juliet awakens and finds Romeo dead, without hesitation she decides to unite with him in death. This play obviously deals with love.

But there are many kinds of love. No doubt this was a great love since the two lovers not only defied family tradition and hate but threw away life to unite in death.

The premise, then, as we see it is: “Great love defies even death.”

King Lear

The King’s trust in his two daughters is grievously misplaced. They strip him of all his authority, degrade him, and he dies insane, a broken, humiliated old man.

Lear trusts his oldest daughters implicitly. Because he believes their glittering words, he is destroyed. A vain man believes flattery and trusts those who flatter him.

But those who flatter cannot be trusted, and those who believe the flatterers are courting disaster. It seems, then, that “Blind trust leads to destruction” is the premise of this play.

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The Art of Dramatic Writing Book PDF Free Download

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