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Chapter 1-The Proposal

Lucy’s POV:
“What do you mean I’m getting married? ” I asked the queen
in utter dismay.
She stared at her nails under the lights, acting the least bit
interested in what I had to say.
“Did you really think my husband adopted you because he
wanted another daughter? No sweetie, you’ve always been a
business investment ,this was the plan all along .You’re finally
going to serve your purpose and repay us for giving you a roof
over your head all of these years.”
I gasped at her cruel words, I always knew that almost
everyone in the royal family disliked me but I never once
thought that they despised me to the extent that they were

willing to sell me off like this. “What are you saying?” I asked,
unable to hide the shock in my voice.
“I’m saying, first thing tomorrow morning you’ll be in King
Jeremy’s castle, getting married to his son Prince Austin Lance
Vinci.” She explained with a wicked smile. “What they do with
you after is none of our concern, if I were you I’d start praying
for I’m sure they’re going to treat you much worse than us
considering you’re so hard to love.”
I fought hard at the tears I felt threatening to fall. No. . .I
wouldn’t cry, for my entire life this family has mistreated me, to
the point that I often tried to hide from them as much as I
could. The less I was around them, the more I felt at peace. For
these reasons as well as many others, I should be happy that I
was finally able to leave. Right?

I could only hope that my new family would be nothing like
my old. I knew nothing about them, so all I could possibly do
for myself was pray that they would treat me better, at least a

Austin’s POV:

Ariana’s hands tangled in my hair as I jammed her up against
the wall, my mate. My lips crashed down on her neck and she
moaned my name in response. . .and just like before, I couldn’t
do it. I couldn’t mark her, what the hell was wrong with my
“Alpha, we have a problem.”
My eyes shut to Alex in annoyance. “This better be good .” I
warned him.
“I can assure you that it is.”

Chapter 2-Married

The shocked gasp that I suddenly heard forced me to break
away from Ariana.My wolf demanding that I do.
And that’s when I saw her.
Hurdled in a corner ,clutching at her wedding dress tightly as
though it were the only thing keeping her from running right
My bride.

Her beauty in person was nothing compared to the picture of
her I had seen just yesterday,as much as I hated to admit
it ,she was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes
on, never had I seen someone look at me with such innocence
and purity and it freaking undid me in a way impossible to
But it was not her beauty or innocence that made my gut
twist , it was the hurt and shock in her eyes, the protective
instincts within me suddenly overpowered every other emotion
raging through my body right now, the need to take away her
pain was almost unbearable.
My wolf was raging inside of me,and it took all of my self
control not to let him loose , I’ve never felt him fight to be free
this much before , his behavior confused me.

“This is the hideous woman you’re supposed to marry?” Ariana
asked breaking the silence and bringing me back to reality.
Princess Lucy’s gaze went over to Ariana and not a single word
came out from her mouth. Her beautiful lips were parted
however and it made me want to reach over and gently kiss it.
“Damn babe, I think your future wife is mute.” Ariana continued
with her insults.
Her gaze went back to me once more , the confusion there
was suddenly replaced with fear. Was she scared of me? The
thought of that made me sick to my stomach. Before anyone
could say anything else she spun on her heels and ran off.
I paced once more , fighting to control my raging wolf who for
some reason wanted to run after my bride, the strong
unknown feelings caused me to hate the princess more than I

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