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Texas Power Of Attorney Templates PDF Free Download

Texas Power Of Attorney

Texas Power of Attorney for Child

A parental power of attorney, also known in Texas as an authorization agreement for a voluntary caregiver, authorizes a third party to take parental responsibility for a child.

Texas DMV Power of Attorney

Individuals may use a department of motor vehicles (DMV) power of attorney to appoint an agent to represent them in decisions relating to vehicles, including transfer of ownership.

Texas Real Estate Power of Attorney

A real estate power of attorney is a power of attorney that restricts an agent from acting on issues relating to the principal’s property.

After downloading the form, sign only against those real-estate-related powers you wish to transfer to your agent.

How to Get Power of Attorney in Texas

To set up a power of attorney, both the agent and principal fill out and sign a power of attorney form.

Chapter 752 of the Texas Estate Code governs durable powers of attorney in Texas.

All forms on this page comply with this chapter of the Texas estate code.

To revoke a power of attorney, simply draft and sign a revocation of power of attorney terminating the agent’s authority.

Texas POA Requirements

For a power of attorney to be valid in the State of Texas, the following requirements must be met:

The POA document must list the:

name and signature of the principal

name of the agent(s)

date of the agreement

powers granted

when the powers begin and end

The POA document must be signed by a notary

POA documents covering real-estate transactions must be recorded with the county clerk within 30 days of being signed.

Texas power of attorney forms allows a person to grant another individual the right to make decisions and act on their behalf.

The person handing over power is called the “principal” and the individual being appointed is called the “agent” or “attorney-in-fact.”

There are many types of powers of attorney each geared to the principal’s needs.

Some powers of attorney allow a person to transfer their financial powers while others authorize someone else to make medical decisions on their behalf.

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Texas Power Of Attorney Templates PDF Free Download

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