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Samples Teacher Recommendation Letter Template PDF Free Download

Teacher Recommendation Letter

It is quite a norm for colleagues to write a letter of recommendation for a teacher.

If you too have been requested to write such a letter by a colleague, you can get an idea of how to go about it by taking a look at Coworker Recommendation Letter Templates.

However, when it comes to the content of the letter, here is how you can go about writing it.

Start off by introducing yourself.

This should be followed by a brief account of how you know the person and how long you have been associated with her.

Next, elaborate on the skills of the teacher. Citing a few examples would be great.

You can also mention the various initiatives that the teacher may have taken and fulfilled.

You can also give a brief account of the kind of respect she claims among her students.

Include the testimonials of a few other colleagues and parents too.

Tips for Writing Great Letters of Recommendation for College

Irrespective of whether you are writing a letter of recommendation for a Ph.D. institution, an engineering college, a medical university, an MBA college, a law school, or a postgraduate course, you need to make sure that you follow the format that is specified by the college.

You can get an idea of this by checking out various such templates online. Here are some tips to write such letters which are very different from Professional Apology Letters.

First things first, take a look at the copy of the resume or the proposal that has been created by the teacher.

This will give you an idea about what you are recommending.

Make sure to address the letter properly.

Find out to whom the letter would be mailed and write the name of the person.

This will make a positive impression.

Instead of making claims about the person’s talents and skills, go ahead and cite examples for these.

Break the content into smaller paragraphs. The letter should not be too long.

Proofread the letter to ensure there are no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Write a Letter of Recommendation for Teacher Candidates.

If you have been approached by a person to write a letter of recommendation that would help her land a teaching job, go ahead and extend your full support.

However, in order to gain the approval of the screening committee, you need to write an impressive letter.

Remember that though the format for such letters is similar to the format of Letters of Recommendation for Scholarship, the content would be a tad different.

Here’s how you can write such a letter. First, explain how long you have known the person.

Then talk about her qualifications and special training that she may have received.

Give a brief account of the skills she possesses and the qualities that makes her a great teacher.

You can also mention the awards that she might have won.

Then go ahead and talk about why you think she would be perfect for the job.


People use Recommendation Letter Templates in Doc to draft a recommendation letter for teachers.

These are used to Give a brief account of the qualifications of the teacher Elaborate on her skills and special training Offer testimonials of her impeccable service Listing her achievements.


August 10, 2017

Glenn C. Reid
Treeline Elementary School
123 Tree Avenue
Felcherville, Alabama 12345

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

Ms. Megan Paulson is probably one of the finest, most creative, and most approachable teachers with whom I have worked. It has been my very great pleasure to know her for several years.

I am disappointed that she is not able to obtain a full-time teaching position at our school, because she has so much to offer.

Megan brings to her job a high degree of vitality and a refreshing pedagogy. She is a great asset, not only in the class but in the school as a whole.

Her artistic talents provide numerous opportunities for creative class projects. Ms. Paulson also incorporated the use of technology to the best effect in her daily lessons.

Her presence in the school is respected by all and her many contributions, beyond the regular curriculum, are exemplary.

It is without hesitation that I commend Megan Paulson for her contributions to students and education.

She is a great asset to any school and will surely have a positive effect on any developing mind under her influence.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require additional information.

Yours truly,


Glenn C. Reid,
[email protected]

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Samples Teacher Recommendation Letter Template PDF Free Download

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