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The End of Days: Why This Book Now?

Please don’t leap to the conclusion that there’s something urgently meaningful about the timing of this book.

I promise you to have time to read it more than once before the end of life on Earth.

Actually, there are several reasons this book was at the top of my priority list. Many of them I’ll discuss in the book.

progresses, in the context of the chapters themselves. But one of the most important reasons is also one of the most obvious:

I’ve never been asked more often than I have been in the past couple of years about when the end of days is coming.

What about the Second Coming of Christ? When should we start looking for Him? Or is He here now?

Is the Antichrist here already, and if not, when will he show up and who will he be? How literally should we take the biblical book of Revelation?

Is the Rapture really going to happen? Nostradamus made it sound as if the Antichrist is among us right now, and the Mayan calendar specifically says the world will end in 2012, which is right around the corner.

Is that true? If not, when will it end, and how? When a subject comes up repeatedly among my clients, I naturally start wondering what’s causing the “coincidence.”

(You do know there’s no such thing, right?) And I have a couple of theories. One is that maybe, in the wake of all the millennium

Y2K hysteria and let’s face it, hysteria is not too strong a word there’s a general feeling of having dodged a bullet as if we somehow escaped an inevitability of total destruction and we’re now living on borrowed time.

Another related theory is that apocalyptic books, articles, television specials, and church sermons were wildly popular at the turn of this century,

and even though the (imaginary) end-of-the-world crisis has come and gone, the unease from all that information has continued to simmer in people’s minds and is finally boiling over.

Still, another is, as you’ll see in upcoming chapters, I know that as this century progresses, the spirituality on our planet is going to grow to unprecedented strength and power,

like we humans, at long last, start paying attention to the spirit voices inside us, reminding us that, yes, it actually is time to get our affairs in order.

That spiritual growth is already underway, causing more and more of my clients to think beyond their day-to-day lives and search for

answers to the bigger questions of their own spirits’ futures and the futures of every spirit currently residing on a planet that, according to countless rumors, isn’t going to last forever.

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Sylvia Browne End of Days Book PDF Free Download

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