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How To Sublet An Apartment

 Find the Original Lease

The original lease is needed to be found to view the tenant’s rights regarding subletting the premises. Most standard leases do not allow the tenant to sublease the property. Therefore, the tenant may be required to obtain a Landlord Consent Form to forgo what was originally agreed to and attach it as an addendum.

Once consent has been given, the tenant may begin marketing the property for lease.

2. Determine the Monthly Rent

This involves the tenant figuring out how much to charge the sublessee. The market rent can be determined by taking into consideration what others are paying in the area via Craigslist,, and Zillow.

After viewing “like properties”, the tenant may be able to get an idea of what to make for the asking price.

3. List the Property

Use the following websites when subleasing a property:

  1. – 90-day access for $19.95 (in most areas).
  2. Craigslist (sublets/temporary) – Flat fee ($) per post. The fee depends on location.
  3. Flip. lease – Subtenant pays 5% of the monthly amount.
  4. Airbnb– Determined on the location and amount.

It’s recommended to use the same property photos and details to create listings on all the above-listed websites.

4. Show the Property

While accepting incoming calls on the property, it is most important for the tenant will need to be as available as possible.

Especially if the property has been priced below market in order to get the property rented as quickly as possible.

In order to save time, make sure to vet the prospective sublessees over the phone to make sure the following:

They are looking to move in immediately;

They are currently employed;

They can afford the monthly asking price (rent); and

They don’t have pets (if there’s a pet policy).

After pre-approving the individual(s) on the phone it is now time to create a time to show the property to see if it matches their needs.

5. Screen the SubLessee

Before accepting a lease, it is best for the tenant to accept the credentials of the sublessee through a Rental Application, collect a fee (usually between $25 to $50), and see if they qualify.

To best screen the applicant the following should be conducted:

Add Addendums and Disclosures

The following should be added to the sublease agreement:

Disclosures – Most States have required disclosures that inform any new tenant of things to look for in a new lease.

Most likely the sublessor will have the same documents attached in their original lease with the landlord.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Only if the property was built before 1978.

Original Lease – A copy of the original or master lease between the sublessor and the landlord.

Sign the Sublease

If the sublessee qualifies, then a sublease agreement should be executed.

1. Get consent from your landlord

This may seem obvious, but this step is often intentionally or unintentionally missed when subletting—which is a foundation for the next horror story.

Don’t let that happen to you!

The first thing to do is to review your current rental agreement. Sometimes the landlord or agent will state whether subletting the premises is allowed or not.

Regardless of what the contract says, it’s worth reaching out to your landlord to see if subletting is feasible.

When presenting your case, be specific in what space you plan to lease and for how long.

Explain your thought process behind your decision and the steps you’ll take to assume responsibility.

You can even forward your sublease agreement template to show the landlord that you’re organized and sensible in your approach.

2. Screen your subtenants thoroughly

To increase your chances of having a successful subletting experience, you need to act like a landlord or a leasing agent, which means screening your applicants.

When you put out your subletting ad, take the copy from the original leasing advertisement, which enticed you to sign the contract.

Be specific about inclusions, whether pets are allowed, and so forth.

Having a description advertisement will give prospective tenants more context to see if it’s worth reaching out to you.

If you receive an inquiry, get the subtenant to inspect the property.

Even if you know the subtenant and they’ve seen the premises before, still get them to check thoroughly.

Seeing the property with the views of formally occupying the space is different from visiting for leisure.

After the inspection, interview your potential subtenant to get a feel for their job security, personal relationships, and track record.

3. Present your agreement and lease terms

At this point, your advertisement, inspection, and interview would’ve narrowed down your applicants.

Now it’s time to present your sublease agreement.

If a subtenant is willing to sign your contract, it’s a positive sign that they’re committed to making this arrangement work.

Give your applicants time to review the agreement and follow up to see if they have any questions.

Note that these same practices apply if you’re using a commercial sublease agreement.

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