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Strategies for Enhancement in Food Reproduction

Chapter 9: Strategies for Enhancement in Food Reproduction

Dairy farming revolves around managing dairy animals like cows, goats, buffaloes, and sheep to harvest milk and produce dairy goods for human use. Some common dairy products include milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and more.

Efficient dairy farm administration focuses on approaches and systems to drive up milk output and enhance milk quality. Milk production levels largely depend on the genetic merit of the dairy breeds present on the farm. Carefully selecting breeds with strong milk production potential suited to the regional climate, along with disease resilience, is critical.

For top milk yields, cattle health and welfare must be prioritized – adequate housing, water, feed, and disease prevention are essential. Strategic, science-based cattle feeding centered on the quality and quantity of fodder is important.

Stringent cleanliness and hygiene of both cattle and milk handlers are also paramount during the milking, storage, and transport of milk products. Increased mechanization of dairy processes reduces milk’s exposure to contamination.

Tight oversight is necessary, including consistent inspection and record-keeping to swiftly identify and resolve problems. Scheduling regular veterinary oversight also supports optimal dairy herd health and productivity. Integrating traditional animal husbandry practices with new technologies can lead to improvements in dairy farm quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

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NCERT Solutions Class 12 Biology Chapter 9 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Reproduction

Strategies for Enhancement in Food Reproduction Textbook With NCERT Solutions PDF Free Download

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