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Snow Removal Contract

A snow removal contract is between a client and a contractor to get rid of snow and ice on a property in exchange for payment.

This agreement can be made for commercial or residential use with the contractor being obligated to perform the services either immediately after a snowstorm or only upon request from the client.

Most snow removal contracts are paid on a “per job” basis with the contractor being paid the same amount no matter the amount of snowfall.

What is a Snow Event?

A snow event is an agreed-upon amount of snow that qualifies for the removal of snow by the service provider. Generally speaking, any accumulation of more than 2″ snow is considered a “snow event.”

Ultimately, a “snow event” is negotiated and defined by the parties.

What To Include in a Snow Removal Contract

Every snow removal contract should include key provisions that protect your rights. These include the following.

Date and Jurisdiction

The contract should state when it was signed and in what state the signature occurred. This may be important information if there is ever a legal dispute. 

Party Information

The snow removal agreement should have the parties’ contact information. This should include their:

Full legal names

Business names

Official titles 


Description of Snow Removal Services

The contract should specifically identify what snow removal services you offer. This may include, but is not limited to the following:

What equipment you will use to remove snow

A description of the area to be cleared

Your rate of pay and type of contract

When payment is due and the method of payment

Whether or not you sell products related to snow removal (i.e. salt, snow shovels, etc.)

Property address

Term of the agreement, or the start and end dates

Whether this contract is for one-time service or recurring service

Legal Clauses and Provisions

A template snow removal contract provides you with standard legal provisions that protect your business’ rights.

These include clauses like limitations on liability, rights to inspection, governing law, and much more.

This makes it easy to protect yourself with enforceable legal provisions without having to hire an attorney to draft them for you.

Signature Lines for the Parties

An enforceable written contract requires the parties to sign it.

A snow removal contract should have space for the contractor and the client to print and sign their names. 

Different Types of Snow Removal Contracts

There are a few different types of snow removal contracts you might use in your business:

Time and Materials Contract: A time and materials contract changes the price of the service based on how long it takes and the cost of the materials.

Per-Inch Contract: This lets a snow removal company charge per inch based on total snowfall accumulation. This is also called a per-event contract.

Per-Push Contract: This is based on a single rate for each time you come out to do the property.

This lets you decide what your flat rate does and does not include. It is a popular contract version for snow removers.

You should make clear in your written contract what type of service you provide.

This can avoid serious arguments about what you are owed after you do the job.

Why Use a Snow Removal Contract?

Using a snow removal contract template makes it easy to establish a binding legal relationship with your client.

It also gives you many benefits like:

Fewer mistakes about what you are supposed to do on the job

Clear and established guidelines

Set start and end dates

Clear payment and cost details

You should use a written snow removal agreement whenever you do work for a client to protect your business.

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Snow Removal Contract Form PDF Free Download

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