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Silva Technique

Control of Brainwaves

Since 1966, when the first Silva Method Basic Lecture Series was offered to the public, to the time of this reprint, millions of individuals worldwide have learned this Method of mental training.

Reports of beneficial results from the Silva Method have been as numerous as Silva Method participants themselves.

Through the years, a number of scientific studies have been made concerning the nature of these reported benefits, both physiological and psychological.

This section summarizes the results of some of these research projects.

Recent advances in biofeedback have drawn attention to voluntary control of such functions as brain waves.

The ability to produce Alpha rhythm has been linked to relaxation, reduction of stress, intuition success, and other benefits.

Subjects trained in the Silva Method have been shown to be able to exert voluntary control over the Alpha rhythm.

The Effect of the Silva Method on Enhancing Intuition and Creativity

A group of 30 individuals who participated in the Silva Method was asked to complete three test instruments before and after the training: The HCP Profile Test to determine left versus right brain dominance; the HCP-PSY Test to determine beliefs and experiences about intuition; and the Intuitive Potentials Test, which measures an individual’s current intuitive potentials.

•Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, 1988.
•Dr. George Maycock, Appalachian State University.
•Individuals who completed the Silva Method BLS showed a significant increase in scores for all three tests.

Individuals in the control group who did not participate in the training showed no significant gains in scores on any of the tests.

•This research study was presented at the American Educational Research Association 1988 Annual Meeting and has been published by Silva International, Inc.

The Silva Method and Changes in EEG Alpha Power

This research was done to demonstrate that the Silva Method graduate can increase the production of his or her alpha brain wave rhythm when entering the “basic plane level.”

•Clinical Neurology Department, San Carlos Clinic Hospital, Madrid Spain,1985.
•Jose Carlos Oliveros, MD, Head of the Clinical Electroneurophysiology Service, San Carlos Clinical Hospital; Tomas Ortiz, MD, Head of the Psychobiology Department, Complutense University, Madrid; Ana Maria Selman, Bs.D. in Biological Sciences; Simon Arrigain, BS in physics. Head of Computer Service, Clinical Electroneurophysiology, San Carlos Clinical Hospital.

•Results indicated a significant increase in the median values of Alpha power in the occipital and temporal areas of the brain while the research subjects were in a state of “dynamic meditation.”

The Silva Method’s Results for Dream Control Dream Control, a technique for remembering dreams and learning how to use dreams for practical problem-solving, was used successfully by about four times as many who were seeking benefits:

Dream Control
p. 16

The ratio of People Seeking Benefits to People Receiving Benefits from the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series.

This research was conducted for the Board of Directors of Mind Science Foundation so that they could evaluate whether participants in the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series are receiving the benefits they are seeking.

•Mind Science Foundation, San Antonio, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, 1973.
•Dr. J.W. Hahn, Director of Mind Science Foundation.

•More than 1,100 Silva Method graduates who responded to the survey indicated that they had received more benefits than they had sought when they attended the BLS. Dr. Hahn reported that 99.6 percent of the respondents
were satisfied with the course.

•Report presented to the Board of Directors of Mind Science Foundation, and published by Silva International in 1973.

The Silva Method’s Results in Improving Memory Increased memory functioning, including information storage and recall are part of the BLS. Again, the number of graduates reporting successful results is higher than those originally seeking such results.


Improved Memory

p. 17

The Effect of Expectations on the Effectiveness of the Silva Method This research was done to determine whether skeptics who come to the Basic Lecture Series with a low expectancy benefit as much as people who come expecting a lot.

•Bar-Illan University, Department of Sociology, Israel, 1989.
•Rafael Liberman.
•Positive results: “The results show that ‘skeptics’ who take the Silva course attain the same achievements as those whose expectations were high[…].

The Silva Method can reduce the level of anxiety and make it possible to attain achievements beyond the participants’ expectations of success in the course.”

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The Silva Mind Control Method PDF Free Download

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