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When to use a service contract?

Keeping a full book of clients is the top priority of any service provider, as this is how you make a living.

A service contract is critical for securing more work and getting paid on time.

But when is the best time to induce a service agreement with prospective clients?

It starts with the inquiry.

Perhaps you get a lead from personal relationships, referrals, your website, or a cold call over the phone.

Whatever the method, your potential client at this stage only cares about three things:

1. Are you capable of doing the job?

2. When can you start?

3. How much do you charge?

At this point, you can introduce your service contract agreement to put pen to paper about all the specifics of your services.

Presenting a formal document to clients shows that you’re professional and you mean business.

It also allows clients to query any terms so you can overcome their concerns and secure the deal.

How to Create a Service Contract

Writing a service contract requires close attention to detail from both parties to ensure that all the terms and conditions of the agreement are clear.

Once signed by both parties, the contract becomes legally binding.

Step 1 – Review the Other Party

In most service contracts, there is no background check or consumer report generated on the service provider.

If they have had any issues in the past, they will most likely show up somewhere on the internet.

The client is also recommended to search public directories, such as the local court dockets, to see if there is any past litigation against the service provider.

Both parties should take the necessary steps to ensure the services are done in a professional manner and that the provider will be paid on time.

Step 2 – Negotiate the Services

Depending on the service type, the client and provider may have to negotiate back and forth on the price.

Both parties are recommended to use online resources to view the average rate ($/hour) for a specific service.

View Average Pay ($/hr)

After the service has been negotiated a contract may be created.

Step 3 – Writing the Service Contract

When creating the contract, it’s important to describe the services, pay, schedule (if any), start and end dates, and any other terms agreed upon by the parties.

Depending on the contract amount, the parties may want to seek legal advice from an attorney.

Once the contract has been finalized, both parties will authorize the agreement.

Retainer – Mainly for professional and consulting work, a retainer allows the provider to be paid a small amount at the time of signing that gets applied to future balances.

Notary Public – Recommended being signed in the presence of a notary public if the contract is for more than $10,000.

Payment terms

This is the part of your contract where you communicate how much you charge and when you expect to be paid. It’s commonly assumed that you invoice a client for the work you perform based on a fixed fee or hourly rate.

The other thing to consider is when you expect to be paid after sending the invoice to your client. Is it 7 days? 30 days? Make that clear in your contract agreement.

Start date

Depending on how urgent the job is, your client is going to want to know when you can start the project.

When establishing a start date, it’s essential to strike the right balance between your availability and the client’s needs.

That’s why it’s worth asking the client when they hope to complete the job before drawing up the contract so you can land on an ideal timeline.


Whether it’s one-off jobs or ongoing projects, sometimes parties need to part ways for whatever reason.

That’s why it’s critical that each party needs to agree on the terms of termination in your contract.

What’s an adequate notice period? What’s considered a breach? How will you get paid if there are outstanding payments at the point of termination?

These are the questions to think about when drawing up your contract agreement template.


A contract is not legally binding without consent from all parties.

Signatures are legal proof that clients and service providers acknowledge and accept the terms of a service agreement.

We suggest you don’t commence any work without signatures.

This helps protect you if there are any client disputes down the track.

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Service Contract Sample Form PDF Free Download

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