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While still a young man, John Courteney Boot had, as his publisher proclaimed, ‘achieved an assured and enviable position in contemporary letters’.

His novels sold fifteen thousand copies in their first year and were read by the people whose opinion John Boot respected.

Between novels, he kept his name sweet in intellectual circles with unprofitable but modish works on history and travel His signed first editions sometimes changed hands at a shelling or two above their original price.

He had published eight books (beginning with a life of Rimbaud written when he was eighteen, and concluding, at the moment, with Waste of Time.

A studiously modest description of some harrowing months among the Patagonian Indians) – of which most people who lunched with Lady Metroland could remember the names of three or four.

He had many charming friends of whom the most valued was the lovely Mrs. Algernon Stitch.

Lake all in her circle John Boot habitually brought his difficulties to her for a solution.

It was with this purpose, on a biting-cold mid-June morning, that he crossed the Park and called at her house (a superb creation by Nicholas Hawksmoor modestly concealed in a cul-de-sac near Saint James’s Palace).

Algernon Stitch was standing in the hall, his bowler hat was on his head; his right hand, grasping a crimson, royally emblazoned despatch case, emerged from the left sleeve of his overcoat.

His other hand burrowed petulantly in his breast pocket. An umbrella under his left arm further inconvenienced him.

He spoke indistinctly, for he was holding a folded copy of the morning paper between his teeth.

“Not in Wasters. On Arthur’s calling, I put it in the Prime Minister’s bedroom ‘Did he read it” ‘Well, I don’t think he reads much.”

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Scoop Book PDF Free Download

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