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Sales Receipt Template

Bill of Sale – Use to make a legal agreement for the sale of personal property.

Invoice – Use to bill a client for the sale of a product.

How to Write

1 – The Sales Receipt Can Be Acquired On This Site

Download and fill out the sales receipt previewed on this site by clicking on the “PDF,” “Word,” or “ODT” buttons.

2 – Display The Merchant’s Information And Receipt Record

Find the top-right header area then fill in the “Receipt Number” line with the identifier your organization or company will use to track this paperwork in the future.  

3 – Report Customer Information Used For The Transaction

The “Sold To” section of this header will wish to “Name” the Consumer who has bought the merchandise being discussed.

Enter this Party’s “Name” and report the identity of any organization or company this party represented (if any) on the first two lines of this section.   

4 – The Purchased Items Need To Be Displayed

A concise table with several columns has been placed in the body of this receipt.

This is where we will define what was bought from the Merchant by the Consumer.

A “Description” of the purchased merchandise is required on a line-by-line basis in the first column of this table.

5 – Present The Totals Involved With This Payment

There will be a column of labelled spaces directly under the right half of the receipt table we just tended to.

This area intends that you produce a breakdown of the costs for the submitted payment.

Use the “Subtotal” line to report the sum of all the totals you entered in the final column.

If any discounts apply, then record this on the “Discount” line.       

How To Make Sales Receipts

You’ll probably feel that you’re at your wits’ end when you create receipts because of its complex and wordy outline. With that, we provided some steps to remember when you create your sales receipt.

It’s best and easily done when you save it through PDF file format. PDF helps you protect the document from mishaps. 

1. Company Details On The Upper Part

Receipts are not new in the business. Anyone can receive it in any business transaction.

If you buy a cart of stationery in a store, expected is a list of items scanned through receipt scanner.

The receipt format usually starts with company details on the upper part. Refer to our given receipt templates above. 

2. Date And Time Of Business Transaction

This is one of the most important detail that a receipt must include.

Date and time will serve as a concrete proof that there’s a transaction being made.

This is helpful especially to businesses selling appliances.

Once an appliance is purchased, a warranty is given, and the date and time are the basis for it.

Precisely, receipts concern to both the owner as these help in tracking down the sales concerning supply and demand relationship and for the purchaser to be aware of the expenses and also for further back up in case of product misworking. 

3. Itemized Orders

Right after the date and time, you include the list of items being purchased.

Usually, the products are on the left side and the prices are on the right side.

Aside from the prices, the sum of the amount to be paid must be clearly incorporated.

If there are promos offered, it’s good if you clearly present it for your costumers to be aware of it. 

4. Mode Of Payment

Today, there are various ways on how to pay a product.

One can give it as cash, others are through cards and some prefer to have it as credit.

If unforeseen events happen, you’ll have a document with you to track down the payment process and prepare for solutions if there’s any problem. 

As a purchaser, you’ll also be acquainted with your expenditures. 

5. Present It Electronically Or Via Paper

Because of the advanced technology today, business owners can now avail machines that automatically calculate the expenses and scan receipts.

Traditionally, people use ready-to-hand papers with carbon paper in it to keep another copy of the receipt.

Any of the two is fine as long as the details are visible and readable enough by you and the costumers. 

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Printable Sales Receipt Template Form PDF Free Download

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