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OPERATION OF THE RETAIL/Distributor/Star Distributor OUTLET

During the Term, the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall render the services (“Services”) of RNFI, by and through such of its officers, employees, agents, representatives and affiliates as it shall designate, from time to time.

Notwithstanding anything contrary contained in these Terms and Conditions, RNFI shall have the right at any time, to modify, alter and amend the lists of Services, including the manner, procedure, and process in which the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor will be required to perform the Services and the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall be bound by all such modifications, alterations and amendments made by RNFI.

The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall only market, distribute sell or promote such RNFI Services as are permitted expressly by RNFI.

The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall not automatically have the right to market, sell, distribute, or promote any product or service that may be provided by other retail outlets, whether in the present or in the future.

In the event of any addition to the Services, RNFI may, at its sole discretion, intimate the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor that the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor is entitled to sell, market, distribute and promote such product or service.

RNFI shall also have the right to direct the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor to discontinue providing any of the RNFI Services at the Retail Outlet without assigning any reason whatsoever.

RNFI shall specify to the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor, the necessary infrastructure and equipment including but not limited to computer terminals, peripherals attachments, internet and broadband connectivity, mobile device and/or any such device with GPRS connectivity, HTML enabled, which is compatible enough to run RNFI Software/Services etc, for effectively providing the RNFI Services, which the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall acquire at its sole expense.

In case of the MPOS Application, the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall be entitled to install the RNFI Software on that particular mobile device and/or any such other device, which is proposed to be registered with RNFI for availing RNFI Services and no other mobile/device of the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall have such Software installed unless registered under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Further, the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall prominently display the RNFI signage signboards, logos, etc at a prominent place in the Retail Outlet, strictly in accordance with the directions issued by RNFI in this regard.

Upon satisfactory installation and operation of the necessary equipment and peripherals, RNFI shall, subject to these Terms and Conditions, install the necessary software and other RNFI Intellectual Property to enable the provision of the Services.

All Services shall be provided solely through the portal of RNFI or are recorded therein and no offline transactions are permitted and/or no such fake/false receipts should be issued by the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor for the willful fraud transaction done by the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor which are not transacted through RNFI Software/portal.

However, if any Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor is found and/or discovered doing any such malicious/wrong/willful/fraudulent acts and/or offline transactions, it shall be liable and charged for such civil/penal and criminal acts by and under but not limited to the Indian Penal Code 1860 and Criminal Procedure Code 1973.

The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall obtain all necessary license(s).

permits and approvals for selling, distributing, marketing and promoting the Services from the Retail Outlet and shall bear all costs and incidental expenses incurred in this regard, including without limitation all fees for application, license fees, charges and taxes.

1.6 The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall keep the Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor Outlet open for business during normal business hours, or as permitted by law or such other time period as RNFI may specify from time to time. 1.7 The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall ensure that the Retail Outlet is utilized

for the purpose of rendering the Services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The Retailer/Distributor/Star Distributor shall further ensure that and shall not cause or permit (a) any material that may not be made available to the public under applicable law, including without limitation any vulgar, obscene, pornographic misleading, defamatory, libellous, offensive, derogatory, threatening, harassing. abusive or violent content, to be made available in the Retail Outlet or (b) any activities that are proscribed under law or reasonably considered to be immoral or against the public interest

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RNFI Retailer Registration PDF Free Download

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