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Retirement Letter Template

Though not strictly necessary, it may be helpful to suggest modifications to work duties, or other provisions to make the transition period more comfortable. 

Since this letter announces a resignation that will close out a career, the author has a license to be more expressive than might otherwise be standard – especially if the tenure has been long at the company.

As a formal written notification, the resignation letter should include:

The intended final date of work Any provisions for the transition, if relevant.

Tips for Filling the Template

In writing your letter of resignation, you have to always keep your letter brief and concise.

Even just to write a simple resignation letter, you should take it with formality in the same way you wrote your resume to get the position.

Your resignation letter format has to include these 4 components:


Write the resignation letter on your own letterhead and not on the letterhead of your employer.

Write also the date, followed by the title and name of the supervisor as well as your employer’s full address.

If you’re going to submit your letter to a higher-level manager that you are not on a first-name basis, you should use his or her full name with address (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.).

If you’ve had a close working relationship with the person you’re giving your letter of resignation to, you can skip using Mr. or Ms.

Your resignation letter sample will be in the employee file right after you leave. You have to ensure that you keep your resignation letter clean, professional, and positive.


Be honest and straightforward about your intentions.

You don’t have to delay advising your boss that you’re going to quit.

State the exact date that you are planning to leave, you have to remember that for most job contracts, you have to give your employer at least 2 weeks’ notice in advance.


It depends on you what you want to put in your resignation letter.

If you’re going to leave for extremely personal reasons, it’s up to you if you want to keep it private, but don’t be vague about your statements.


The last part of the letter, before you put in your closing signature, is where you have to repeat your positive approaches and goodwill to the company.

Even though your experience with the company has not been very good, always try to think of something good to say.

Keep in mind that your resignation letter will be part of the employee file.

It is a good idea to leave a constructive, professional paper track once you leave.

Use a Retirement Resignation Letter

Offer thanks and appreciation

Try to be gracious and let colleagues know that you value the time that you’ve spent together. Don’t be saccharine or insincere, but share honest feelings.

Detail your history at the company

If you’ve been at the company for long enough, you could probably write a book on your experiences. That’s not the purpose of this resignation letter, of course,

but providing a basic chronology can help to frame the significance of your time there.

Write about future plans

What will you be doing in the next chapter? Traveling? Spending time with family? Pursuing hobbies or volunteer work? It’s not necessary to lay out a detailed plan – just give some basics so that colleagues will know what’s next in store.

Last day on the job

Many companies organize sendoffs for their employees, especially for those with tenure who are capping off their careers. Anticipate some celebration, and do not be surprised if your letter is shared with the broader workplace.

How to Write (Format)

Your retirement resignation letter should begin with a header that states the contact information of the sender and addressee as well as the date.

Following that, the body of the letter is where you’ll mention your plans to retire and on what specific date.

Within the letter body, you can also express gratitude for the employment opportunity, assuming that your work experience was positive. Finally, you’ll want to write a short conclusion to summarize your thoughts.

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Sample Retirement Letter Templates PDF Free Download

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