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Residential Rental Application Form Template PDF Free Download

Rental Application

Application Requirement

(1) Non-Refundable Fee. 

Record the fee that must be submitted with this application to cover the cost of its review by the Landlord or Property Owner.

Generally, this is a non-refundable fee that will not be returned regardless of the outcome of this application.

The Property

(2) Property Type. 

The property being applied for should be categorized properly.

Document this information by classifying the concerned property as an apartment, house, condo, coop, etc.

(3) Square Feet. 

The physical space the property being discussed occupies must be defined in feet.

Thus, report its dimensions where requested.

(4) Bedrooms. 

Present the number of bedrooms found on the premises being applied for.

(5) Rent Amount. 

The prospective Tenant will be required to pay for a monthly rent if awarded a lease.

Establish the payment amount that must be received as the monthly rent by reporting in this area of the application.

(6) Address. 

The geographical location of the concerned property must be defined with its physical address.

This information is expected as separate components (i.e. “Street Address,” “City,” etc.) make sure to document the exact address using the areas available.

(7) Pets. 

If the potential Tenant will be able to keep pets on the premises, then select the “Yes” checkbox.

Otherwise, select the “No” box to solidify that no pets will be allowed to live on the property

(8) Smoking. 

If smoking is allowed on the concerned property, mark the checkbox labeled “Yes.”

If no smoking will be allowed inside the concerned property, place a mark in the “No” box.

(9) Parking. 

Some properties will include access to a parking spot for the Tenant should his or her application proceed successfully.

If so, locate the “Yes” checkbox then select it.

Additionally, use the space provided to define where the parking spot associated with the property can be found and accessed.

If no parking space will be available to the prospective Tenant, then the “No” box should be marked.


(10) Type/Length. 

The lease that will be offered as a result of a successful application should be defined by type (i.e. fixed-term or month-to-month).

If there will be a fixed time period of leasing for the premises, then document the number of years and/or months defining its lifetime.

(11) Start Date. 

Document the expected starting date for an awarded lease.

This will be the first calendar date when the potential Tenant will be expected to occupy and pay rent for the concerned property. 

Applicant Details

(12) Full Name. 

The entire name of the Applicant (the potential Tenant) should be included with this paperwork.

(13) DOB. Present the Applicant’s calendar date of birth.

(14) SSN. 

The potential Tenant’s social security number will be expected with this application.

This will help in identifying the prospective Tenant when a background check or credit check is conducted.

(15) Driver’s License No. 

A valuable picture identification of the Tenant is often considered to be his or her Driver’s License.

Support the potential Tenant’s identity by transcribing his or her driver’s license number to this document.

(16) Applicant’s Contact Phone Number.

(17) Applicant’s Contact E-Mail.

(18) Other Occupants.

List the full name of every person that would live on the concerned property with the potential Tenant should this application proceed to a lease.

(19) Pets. 

If the potential Tenant intends to keep pets on the property, then select the “Yes” box and use the space provided to give an adequate description of each pet.

For instance, if the pet is a cat, then document the animal’s breed, weight, age, and height. If not, then only the “No” box should be selected.

Maximum Rental App Fees ($)

StateMaximum App Fee ($)Laws
 AlabamaNo limitNo statute
 AlaskaNo limitLandlord-Tenant Handbook Page 5
 ArizonaNo limitARS 33-1321(B)
 ArkansasNo limitNo statute
 California $52.46Cal. Civ. Code § 1950.6
 ColoradoNo limitColo. Rev. Stat. § 38-12-903
 ConnecticutNo limitNo statute
 Delaware10% of the monthly rent or $50.00Del. Code tit. 25 § 5514(d)
 FloridaNo limitNo statute
 GeorgiaNo limitNo statute
 HawaiiNo limitNo statute
 IdahoNo limitNo statute
 IllinoisNo limitNo statute
 IndianaNo limitNo statute
 IowaNo limitNo statute
 KansasNo limitNo statute
 KentuckyNo limitNo statute
 LouisianaNo limitNo statute
 MaineNo limitNo statute
 MarylandNo limit (landlord must return unspent application fees over $25 within 15 days of receipt)Md. Code, Real. Prop. § 8-213
 MassachusettsLandlords may not charge (only  brokers and agents permitted)Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 186 § 15B(1)(b)
 MichiganNo limitNo statute
 MinnesotaNo limitMinn. Sat. § 504B.173
 MississippiNo limitNo statute
 MissouriNo limitNo statute
 MontanaNo limitNo statute
 NebraskaNo limitNo statute
 NevadaNo limitNo statute
 New HampshireNo limitNo statute
 New JerseyNo limitNo statute
 New MexicoNo limitNo statute
 New YorkCost of background check or $20, whichever is lessN.Y Real Prop. Law § 238-A.1(b)
 North CarolinaNo limitNo statute
 North DakotaNo limitNo statute
 OhioNo limitNo statute
 OklahomaNo limitNo statute
 OregonNo more than the average cost of screening applicants or the customary amount charged by tenant screening companiesOr. Rev. Stat. § 90.295
 PennsylvaniaNo limitNo statute
 Rhode IslandNo limitNo statute
 South CarolinaNo limitNo statute
 South DakotaNo limitNo statute
 TennesseeNo limitNo statute
 TexasNo limitNo statute
 UtahNo limitNo statute
 VermontNot permitted for residential tenancyVt. Stat. tit. 9 § 4456a
 Virginia$50.00 (not including extra expenses for performing background checks)Va. Code § 55.1-1203(C)
 WashingtonNo limit, but all costs must only be incurred in obtaining screening reportsWash. Rev. Code § 59.18.257(1)(b)
Washington D.C.No limitNo statute
West VirginiaNo limitW. Va. Code § 37-6A-1(2)
 WisconsinNo limit, but a landlord may only charge a maximum of $20 for a credit checkWis. Admin. Code ATCP § 134.05
 WyomingNo limitNo statute
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Residential Rental Application Form Template PDF Free Download

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