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Rent Verification Template PDF Free Download

Rent Verification Form

Target Audience for the Rental Verification Forms

The audience targeted in this particular case is mostly the people who are left with a vacated property which is now of no use to them or also the immigrant individuals who come to the other place for seeking job opportunities and not for settlement.

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So, they cannot buy a property if they have any further planning of settling down and the only option left is the rental policy which is safe and convenient.

The landlords or property owners can also impose the laws or rules which they feel comfortable, with in the particular residential agreement which needs to be followed.

How to Verify a Tenant’s Rent (3 steps)

A landlord verification form is commonly required by a future landlord when also completing a Rental Application.

Below are the suggested steps to take when requesting the rent amount from the landlord.

Step 1 – Tenant Completes a Rental App

There is no sense in sending a landlord verification form to a previous landlord without first qualifying an applying tenant.

The first step in qualifying a tenant is by using a rental application.

After seeing the initial results of the tenant’s credit report, the landlord may choose to reject the tenant immediately.

If not, they will follow through with the screening procedure.

Step 2 – Verify the Tenant’s Information

A common scenario is that a tenant’s credit report and finances are good but their rental history is still in doubt or unverified.

Landlords, especially those with property in high demand, want to make certain that their tenant is qualified.

When sending the landlord verification letter to the tenant’s previous landlord, it’s the best way to get an honest answer and thereby make the best decision as to accepting or declining the tenant’s application.

Before sending, ensure the information on the rental application matches the information on the landlord verification form.

Step 3 – Send with Return Postage

For the best chances of receiving a response, include a completed return envelope with paid postage and a check (fee to the landlord).

If sending this landlord verification letter, obtain a small fee (non-refundable) from the applicant.

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Rent Verification Template PDF Free Download

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