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Rent Receipt Templates

A rent receipt acknowledges a rent payment made by a tenant.

This is usually in the form of cash but can be for credit cards and physical checks as well to show the tenant paid on time.

The receipt consists of the amount paid, property address, payment source, and most importantly the landlord’s signature.

Benefits of Keeping Your Rent Receipts

Keeping your rental receipts is important for:

Verifying payments, particularly those made in cash.

No matter how you make your rental payments, receipts should be provided and kept.

However, rental receipts are especially important for tenants who pay in cash, since aside from receiving a cash receipt there is no other paper trail.

Tax credit– Some states provide tax credits for renters.

Having your rental receipts ensures you can verify that payments were made, making your tax credit easier to claim in the event additional documentation is needed.

Credit reporting

Reporting rental payments that have been made on time and in full can help raise your credit score and demonstrate to lenders that you are trustworthy in paying your debts.

Rental history– When reviewing tenant applications, a few factors are more important to landlords than your rental history.

Having your rental receipts can help show that you have a positive payment history or can help you to dispute discrepancies that may appear on your credit report.

Dispute settlement– In the event there is a discrepancy regarding your rental payments (e.g. late, partial or no payment disputes), having a copy of rental receipts can help sort out and avoid possible issues, including late fees, evictions, and negative reports on your credit.

How to Writ

(1) Date Of Payment. 

The calendar date when the Rent Payer submits the concerned payment should be established.

Furnish the exact date that the discussed payment is received in the space provided at the top right corner of this receipt.

(2) Receipt Number.

Most would strongly suggest that Landlords maintain a reliable filing system to keep track of received payments.

A key component in keeping track of receipts is to assign each receipt a unique identification number.

Present this receipt’s identification or filing number in the space after the abbreviation “No.”

II. Payment Information

(3) Payer Name. 

The full name of the Party who has submitted payment to the Receiver (i.e. Landlord or Property Manager) must be documented.

Continue the term “Received From” with a production of the Payer’s full name in the space provided.

Generally, this will be the name of the Tenant who is renting the premises or property this receipt concerns.

(4) Payment Sum. 

To aid reviewers in identifying this receipt at a glance, supply the dollar amount of the received payment by entering it numerically following the term “The Sum Of.”

(5) Written Payment Confirmation. 

Reproduce the dollar amount submitted by the Tenant or Rent Payer by writing out the dollar amount that was received.

(6) Address Of Premises. 

The geographical location of the property or premises that required the submitted rent payment must be presented by recording the building number, the name or number of the street, and (if needed) the apartment number or unit number where the premises (or property) is physically accessible and can be visited.

(7) Rent Period. 

The time frame that required payment from the Tenant or Rent Payer and to which the submitted dollar amount shall pay must be documented with the first date of the rental period and the last date of the rental period using the formatted spaces attached to the words “For The Period.”

(8) Paid By Check. 

The type of payment that was submitted will need to be defined or categorized.

If the payment submitted was done so using a check then some additional information will be needed.

Begin by marking the checkbox labelled “Check No.”

then, in the space that follows dispense the check number that identifies the check within the Payer’s register or chequebook.

This can often be found in the upper corner of the submitted check

(9) Paid In Cash Or Money Order. 

If the Rent Payer has paid in cash or money order then only a record of the type of payment submitted will be expected.

This can be done by marking the “Cash” checkbox or by selecting the “Money Order” checkbox to indicate the method the Rent Payer used to pay the amount documented above.

III. Payment Verification

(10) Received By. 

Naturally, in order for this receipt to be taken seriously, the name of the Party who has physically received the rent payment must be presented to the next area.

In most cases, this will be the Landlord or an Authorized Representative of the Landlord (i.e Property Manager).

(11) Receiver Contact. 

Produce the entire address and telephone number of the Rent Payment Receiver.

(12) Landlord’s Signature. 

The Landlord will be expected to acknowledge this receipt through his or her signature.

Once he or she signs the signature line, a copy of the signed receipt should be dispensed to the Payer and one should be retained for the Landlord’s records.

The Landlord should only sign this receipt when the rent payment noted above has been physically received and accounted for.

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Sample Rent Receipt Templates PDF Free Download

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