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Rent Increase Notice

As a landlord, it is understandable that you may need to increase your tenants’ rent occasionally.

While you don’t need to explain your reasons for increasing rent, by following a few of the guidelines provided in this article you may be able to reduce any anxiety caused by raising it while remaining compliant with the law.

And, we get it, there are many genuine reasons to increase rent, such as a raise in:

  • Taxes
  • Insurance premiums
  • Maintenance fees
  • Homeowner association dues
  • Cost-of-living

Landlords do not have the ability to increase a tenant’s rent whenever they feel like it (there are guidelines a landlord must follow to increase rent which helps protect tenants from unreasonable increases) however, if you decide that an increase in rent is in order, then you are required to follow specific landlord-tenant guidelines to administer the rise.

Legal Requirements for Rent Increases

Landlords must often follow explicit legal procedures when increasing a tenant’s rent.

The following is a list of the most important federal and state requirements to follow:

Legally Increase Rent (4 steps)

Step 1 – Decide the New Rent

When deciding the new rent for the tenant it is best to see what the comparables are in the area.

This can be sought online through the following websites: –

Simply enter the address and the number (#) of bedrooms and be shown the average monthly rent along with real-time asking rents in the area. –

Enter your address and be shown current properties for rent on a map.

Craigslist –

Select your area > Apts / housing > and enter your mailing address to be shown pictures and maps of the properties with current monthly rent amounts.

After making a thorough search of your area you can make a justified guess on what the property is worth.

Recommended Tip – When viewing other listings in the area, most landlords believe their property is worth more or better than others even if they are not! Therefore, try to make a well-informed determination of the rental market based on the facts!

Step 2 – Check Your Agreement

Most agreements should include a notice period for amending the agreement.

After finding the required number (#) of days, it is best to check with local laws to ensure it is legal.

Check Your State Notice Period

Make sure that there aren’t any municipal laws that prohibit a landlord from raising the rent by a certain amount.

Otherwise, the only duty of the landlord is to give the tenant the State required notice period before the rent may become into effect.

Required Notice Period

StateRequired Notice PeriodStatute
 Alaska30 daysPUB-30 Page 17
 California30 days if the rent increase is 10% or less and 90 days if more than 10%.CIV § 827
 Delaware60 days§ 5107
 Hawaii45 days§ 521-21
 Idaho15 days§ 55-307
 Indiana30 daysIC 32-31-5-4
 Iowa30 days§ 562A.13
 KansasAs mentioned in the lease§ 58-2545
 Maine45 days§ 6015
 Massachusetts30 daysConsumer Guide to Tenant Rights and Responsibilities
 MinnesotaRental Period + 1 dayLandlords and Tenants Rights and Responsibilities
 Montana15 days§ 70-26-109
 NebraskaAs mentioned in the lease§ 76-1414
 Nevada45 daysNRS 118A.300
 New Hampshire30 daysRSA 540:2
 New Jersey30 daysDept. of Community Affairs (Rent Increase Bulletin)
 New Mexico30 days§ 47-8-15
 New YorkN/A
 North CarolinaN/A
 North Dakota30 days§ 47-16-07
 Oregon30 days§ 90.220
 Rhode Island30 days§ 34-18-16.1
 South CarolinaN/A
 South Dakota30 days§ 43-32-13
 Vermont60 days§ 4455
 Washington30 daysRCW 59.18.140
Washington D.C.30 daysRent Control Fact Sheet
West VirginiaN/A
 Wisconsin28 days§ 704.19

Write and Send the Form

After the increase in rent and notice period have been determined, it is time to (see instructions).

and send it via certified mail with a return receipt.

This will ensure that the tenant will receive the official notice and when the postal service returns the receipt it is very important to keep it for your records.

Afterward, the tenant will make an informed decision of whether to agree and pay the new rent amount, make a counteroffer, or choose to move out.

Recommended Tip

To best convince the tenant of the increase, it’s recommended to attach an addendum showing comparables of similar properties.

Especially if the rent hasn’t been changed for a long period or if the property is located in a growing area.

This addendum will help the tenant come to terms with the current situation.

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Rent Increase Notice PDF Free Download

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