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Refund Demand Letter

A refund demand letter is a written request for the return of payment for a good or service.

It is addressed to the merchant and should include basic details about the transaction, the reason why the refund is sought, and expectations for repayment.

What Is a Refund Request Letter?

Refund request letters are formal notifications to merchants or service providers.

In rare cases, they are directed toward relatives and friends.

Both individuals and companies can write refund letters.

They communicate several things:

Dissatisfaction with a product or service.

A specific reason or reasons why the product or service failed.

A desire for a refund.

With a refund letter, you give the company a fair chance to make things right. If they act, you don’t have to take them to a court or file an official complaint against them.

You must include a due date for payment in the letter.

If the company fails to pay by then, you can use the refund letter as documentation (evidence).

You can also write a refund letter if you want your money back for some other reason – such as opting out of a subscription before it begins.

How to Demand a Refund

Step 1 – Read the Refund Policy

The “fine print” matters. Review the merchant’s published refund policy to get a sense of the landscape.

Not all merchants have refund policies.

A seller may not just claim after the fact that a policy existed; even if one did, it will not matter if the terms were not clearly conveyed at the time of the transaction.

If the merchant does not have a formal return policy, then state law will most likely dictate consumer rights.

But remember that even strict “no refund” policies are not necessarily enforceable if the goods or services provided were defective, dangerous, or otherwise not-as-advertised.

Step 2 – Find your Receipt

Documentation is critical.

Do not despair though if the original receipt has been lost – if the purchase was made by credit or debit card, then a backup record should be accessible through your bank’s online account summary page.

Step 3 – Detail Reasons for a Refund

Explain why you are seeking a refund, but make sure that your reason falls within the refund policy.

Was the item or service not as described? Was there a defect in the product? The more objective and verifiable the issue, the better.

Step 4 – Request Payment or Credit

Be specific in the demand letter.

Indicate the total amount that is demanded, the deadline for issuing this refund, and how the refund should be provided.

Make sure that the merchant receives the letter, and follow up as necessary.

Timing is everything with refund requests – so the sooner the original transaction refund request is made, the better.

Step 5 – Get Paid or Take Further Action

Unfortunately, some merchants still refuse to yield.

If a refund has not been issued by the specified deadline, then it may be time to take things to the next level.

There are several ways to escalate the quest for a refund:

File a consumer complaint with the office of the state attorney general

Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the local chamber of commerce

Leave a negative review of the merchant online

Seeking damages in small claims court

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