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Recommendation Letter For Scholarship

Most scholarships are awarded to students with specific commitments, achievements, and goals.

They are usually tailored to students pursuing a specific field of study, such as engineering, math, biology, or literary studies.

However, a scholarship may instead be based on athletic performance or the need for financial aid.

By being aware of the guidelines and expectations of the scholarship, the author will be able to better validate their student’s qualifications to receive it.

Who to Select?

Most often, this letter will be written by a teacher, a professor, or a counsellor.

However, depending on the scholarship criteria, an employer or athletic coach may also be an appropriate, or required, choice.

What is most important is that the author understands the scholarship requirements and will be able to use their personal relationship with the candidate in order to justify their personal recommendation with specific examples.

How to Write (Format)

A scholarship letter of recommendation should fill an entire page (approximately 300 – 500 words) and contain a letterhead, an introduction, 2 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


The introductory paragraph will briefly introduce the candidate, state the scholarship for which they are recommending the candidate, and describe the nature and length of the author’s relationship with said candidate.

Specific details of the candidate’s suitability will be described in the body paragraphs, so the introduction only needs to be 2 or 3 sentences in length.

Types of Letters of Recommendation

There is a wide range of letters of recommendation that can come in handy for people to gain special benefits and provisions. Let us take a look at what these are.

Academic Recommendation Letter: This comes in handy for a student who might be trying to secure admission into a prestigious college or an elite course.

Employment Recommendation Letter: This letter can be designed using Colleague Recommendation Letter Templates and proves beneficial for a person who might be trying to find a new job or gain a promotion.

Scholarship Recommendation Letter: This comes in handy for a person who is trying to gain a scholarship for higher studies.

Character Recommendation Letter: This letter is usually used by people looking for accommodation or adoption of a child.

What should be included in a Letter of Recommendation for a College Scholarship?

If you want to help a student gain a college scholarship, you must write an effective letter of recommendation.

Now, for the letter to be an effective one, you need to ensure that you include all the essential sections and information in the letter while also following the proper format.

As far as the format is concerned, you can get an idea of this by referring to the Teacher Recommendation Letter Templates that are available online.

Here is a list of all that should be included in the letter.

Details of the student

Your experience of working with him

The student’s potential

His skills and talents cited with examples

Why do you think he deserves the scholarship

Tips for Writing Recommendation Letter for Students’ Scholarship

To write an effective recommendation letter that would help a student to gain a scholarship, you need to ensure that you follow a format that is by industrial trends.

In case you are not sure what this is, you can check out the Promotion Recommendation Letters templates that are readily available online.

Additionally, here are some tips to help you write a super letter of recommendation.

Do away with the standard opening of “To whomsoever, it May Concern”. Instead, address the person directly.

Instead of claiming about the skills of the student include facts that reiterate your claims.

The letter should neither be too long nor too short.

Break the content into smaller paragraphs.

Do not forget to proofread the letter and correct all the errors before mailing it to the person concerned.


You can easily write a recommendation letter using the Letter of Recommendation on Pages that various websites offer. This letter can be used to

Recommend a student for a scholarship

Highlight the student’s strengths and skills

Recommend why the student is eligible for the scholarship

Gain admission into a prestigious university or a good course

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Letters Of Recommendation For Scholarship PDF Free Download

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