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Receipt Book Template

A receipt book template is an array of 3 receipts laid out horizontally that is commonly used in a booklet for multiple uses.

If the receipt book will be placed in a binder, it must be ‘hole punched’ with a standard hole puncher (3 or 5 rings).

If the receipt will be given to a client after payment, a portion of the receipt should be kept for record-keeping.

This can be accomplished by making a note of the receipt in a transaction booklet or by using carbon copy receipts.

How to Get a Receipt Book?

Receipts are essential for the smooth running of any business enterprise.

However, obtaining the right receipt book for your company or business may be a challenge.

So, it should be great news to know that depending on your business specifications, you have the following options:

Purchase a receipt book

Online vendors and office sales stores have carbonless two-part receipt books, and you can purchase these from them.

It is easy to use because it comes pre-numbered and has receipt headings on each sheet.

In choosing a receipt book, always go for one that has a copy to help you keep your records straight and easy.

When using a two-part receipt, never forget to insert a carbon sheet between the original and a copy of the receipt.

This helps the details to appear on the copy that serves as your record of that transaction.

Download a receipt form template for digital use

As a business owner in today’s world, you may have to provide a client with an online receipt.

When this happens, it is best to write your receipt on a computer.

To create your receipt, search online for receipt book templates that will help create a receipt that suits the transaction you are performing.

Then, you should fill in all the fields that the transaction needs with the help of a word processor and send a copy of the receipt to the customer.

Always write the transaction date on your receipts and download your receipt book templates from only reputable sources.

How to Fill Out a Receipt Book

1 – Acquire The Receipt Book Template For Your Use

The receipt book on this page is attainable in one of three file types; “PDF,” “Word,” and “ODT.”

You can download one or all these versions depending on your needs.

2 – Document When This Receipt Is Generated And Identify It

Once you access your file, fill in the “Date” of the payment being documented as received.         

It is often a good idea to make sure every document generated by an office has a unique filing number.

This template assumes such a system is in place and reserves the “Receipt Number” line on the top right of the page so you may report it.   

3 – Submit The Payment Record To This Form

The “Amount Received” line will expect the exact dollar value the issuing Party received produced on it.

Consult your records then report this number by writing it out on this line then re-enter it numerically on the line in the parenthesis.         

After documenting the payment, tend to the “For Payment Of” by submitting a brief description of the merchandise or services that were purchased Now, the person who has accepted the payment on behalf of the entity receiving it should report his or her full name on the line labelled “Received By.’   

Next, you will need to document the complete name of the entity or person who has submitted the payment on the line attached to the “Received From” line.   

4 – Produce Additional Payment Details

Take a moment to attend to the last section of the receipt you are working on by filling in the “Cash,” “Check,” “Credit Card,” or “Other” boxes to define how this payment was received.

Notice that if an unconventional method was used (i.e. wire transfer, cashier’s check) you will have to define it on the line attached to the word “Other.”   

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Receipt Book Form PDF Free Download

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