Principles Of Literary Criticism By I A Richards

Principles Of Literary Criticism Book PDF Free Download

Principles Of Literary Criticism Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

The literature of Criticism is not small or negligible, and its chief figures, from Aristotle onwards, have often been among the first intellects of their age.

Yet the modern student, surveying the field and noting the simplicity of the task attempted and the fragments of work achieved, may reasonably wonder what has been and is amiss.

For the experiences with which criticism is concerned are exceptionally accessible, we have only to open the book, stand before the picture, have the music played.

Spread out the rug, pour out the wine, and the material upon which the critic works is presently before 115.

Even too abundantly, in too great fullness perhaps: “More warmth than Adam needs” the critic may complain, echoing Milton’s complaint against the climate of the Garden of Eden.

But he is fortunate not to be starved of matter like the investigator of psychoplasm.

And the questions which the critic seeks to answer, intricate though they are, do not seem to be extraordinarily difficult.

What gives the experience of reading a certain poem its value? How is this experience better than another? Why prefer this picture to that?

In which ways should we listen to music so as to receive the most valuable moments? Why is one opinion about works of art not as good as.

But if we now turn to consider what are the results yielded by the best minds pondering these questions in the light of the eminently accessible experiences provided by the Arts, we discover almost empty garner.

A few conjectures, a supply of admonitions, many acute isolated observations, some brilliant guesses, much oratory, and applied poetry, inexhaustible confusion.

A sufficiency of dogma, no small stock of prejudices, whimsies, and crotchets, a profusion of mysticism, a little genuine speculation, sundry stray inspirations, pregnant hints, and random apercus.

AuthorI A Richards
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Principles Of Literary Criticism Book PDF Free Download

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