Politics Among Nations: The Struggle For Power And Peace

Politics Among Nations The Struggle For Power And Peace Book PDF Free Download

Politics Among Nations The Struggle For Power And Peace Book PDF Free Download

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International politics like all politics is a struggle for power. Whatever the ultimate areas of international politics, power is always immediate.

Statesmen and peoples may ultimately seek freedom, security, prosperity, or power itself. They may define their goals in terms of a religious, philosophic, economic, or social ideal.

They may hope that this ideal will materialize through its own inner force, through divine intervention, or through the natural development of human affairs.

But whenever they strive to realize their goal by means of international politics, they do so by striving for power. The Crusaders wanted to free the holy places from domination by the Infidels.

Woodrow Wilson wanted to make the world safe for democracy; the National Socialists wanted to open Eastern Europe to German colonization, to dominate Europe, and to conquer the world.

Since they chose power to achieve these ends, they were actors on the scene of international politics.”: When we speak of power in the context of this book.

We have in mind not man’s power over nature or over an artistic medium, such as language, speech, sound, or color, or over the means of production or consumption, or over himself in the sense of self-control.

When we are weak of power, we mean. man’s control over the minds and actions of other men. By political power, we refer to the actual relations of control.

The holders of public authority and between the latter and the people at Lange. Political power, however, must be distinguished from the force in the case of the actual exercise of physical violence.

The threat of physical violence in the form of police action, imprisonment, capital punishment, or war is an intrinsic element of politics. When violence becomes an actuality, it signifies

The concept of political power poses car of the most difficult and controversial problems of political science. The sale of any particular concept will be determined by the inability to capris a maximum

Thus a concept of political power, to be useful for the understanding of international policies must be broader than one adapted to open in the head of municipal policies.

AuthorHans J Morgenthau
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Politics Among Nations The Struggle For Power And Peace Book PDF Free Download

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