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Chapter 16: Playing With Numbers

16.1 Introduction

You have studied various types of numbers such as natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, and rational numbers.

You have also studied a number of interesting properties about them. In Class VI, we explored finding factors and multiples and the relationships among them.

In this chapter, we will explore numbers in more detail. These ideas help in justifying tests of divisibility.

16.4 Letters for Digits

Here we have puzzles in which letters take the place of digits in an arithmetic ‘sum’, and
the problem is to find out which letter represents which digit; so it is like cracking a code.
Here we stick to problems of addition and multiplication

Here are two rules we follow while doing such puzzles.

  1. Each letter in the puzzle must stand for just one digit. Each digit must be represented by just one letter.
  2. The first digit of a number cannot be zero. Thus, we write the number “sixty three” as 63, and not as 063, or 0063.
    A rule that we would like to follow is that the puzzle must have just one answer
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NCERT Solutions Class 8 Maths Chapter 16 Playing With Numbers

Find the values of the letters in each of the following and give reasons for the steps involved.


Ncert solutions class 8 chapter 16-1


Say, A = 7 and we get,

7+5 = 12

In which one’s place is 2.

Therefore, A = 7

And putting 2 and carry over 1, we get

B = 6

Hence A = 7 and B = 6


Ncert solutions class 8 chapter 16-2


If A = 5 and we get,

8+5 = 13 in which ones place is 3.

Therefore, A = 5 and carry over 1 then

B = 4 and C = 1

Hence, A = 5, B = 4 and C = 1


Ncert solutions class 8 chapter 16-3


On putting A = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and so on and we get,

AxA = 6×6 = 36 in which ones place is 6.

Therefore, A = 6

NCERT Class 8 Maths Textbook Chapter 16 With Solution Book PDF Free Download

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