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Photography Contract Templates And Samples PDF Free Download

Photography Contract Templates

A photographer’s duties include composing shots, understanding framing, light, and colour, and giving direction to subjects. A photographer’s job doesn’t stop there.

They have to understand how to use digital editing tools and programs as well as have an understanding of printing equipment.

Some photographers will have to understand a bit about the business side of things as well – meeting with clients, hiring help, keeping records and lists of expenses, and general business management.

A photography contract is a legal contract that specifies what services you as the photographer will provide, and what you will not provide.

It details what the client can expect to receive when they can expect the final product, and what they must pay you for your services.

A contract is a binding legal document and can be presented in court to show that you and your client had an agreement that you would be paid for services rendered.

When To Use a Photography Contract?

Any time you are offering your services in a professional capacity, you should have a contract. Some common scenarios for a photography contract include:

Weddings and receptions

Modelling portfolios

Business headshots and office photos

Children’s portraits

Whenever you are hired to take photographs, you should have a contract that outlines where and when your services will be used.

A contract can determine what shots you will provide, including formal photos and candid pictures.

What To Include in a Photography Contract

A photography contract is a legal document, and some information is essential in case you and a client ever end up in court.

Date of contract – This is the date on which you and your client entered into the contract. It might be different than the date you signed it.

Party information – Your name and address and your client’s name and address. If you have a photography business name, you must use that, not your own name.

Services to be provided – These are sometimes called deliverables. Explain what you’re going to provide, and how each will be billed.

Payment method – How you will be paid. If the client makes a down payment or a prepayment, this should be noted on the contract.

Right of inspection and rejection – If your client has the right to refuse the final product, this should be noted in the contract. If you do not want them to have this right, this must be spelt out in the contract.

Legal boilerplate – Clauses that you may wish to consider include:

Force majeure – You are not responsible for your inability to perform due to acts of nature, war, or other acts beyond your control.

Security interest – If there is any monetary interest outstanding in the product, you may include a clause retaining ownership until all fees are paid.

Image rights – Some photographers license their own photos or license the rights to reproduce the images online or commercially. If you want to include this in a contract, you should speak to an intellectual property attorney.

Dispute resolution – If you prefer your case to be mediated or arbitrated, rather than litigated, you should include a clause requiring this type of dispute resolution before a lawsuit can be filed.

Right to cancel – If your state has a three-day right of cancellation, you may include this in your contract.

Signatures – You and your client should sign and date your contract. The signature date may be a different date than the date of the photography contract

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Photography Contract Templates And Samples PDF Free Download

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