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Pennsylvania Power Of Attorney

Pennsylvania power of attorney forms can be used to select a person to handle medical decisions, financial affairs, or other tasks on your behalf.

The person giving power (“principal”) will assign the specific power to their representative (“agent”) and also enter whether the duration has an end date or lasts the rest of their life.

Pennsylvania Real Estate Power of Attorney

With a real estate power of attorney, your agent or proxy may act on your behalf for real estate affairs and no other matter.

In the form’s list of powers, sign only against the real estate powers you wish to hand over to your agent, and leave the line beside the other powers blank.

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

A vehicle or DMV power of attorney gives a trusted third party the authority to manage your affairs in relation to motor vehicles.

In Pennsylvania, vehicle powers of attorney are “secure” documents, meaning they have certain security features built in.

PA state agencies are the sole distributors of the forms.

Please contact your vehicle dealer or insurance company to obtain a legal form.

Pennsylvania POA Requirements

Although the Pennsylvania legislature does not provide a standardized form for residents to use, in order for a power attorney to be valid in Pennsylvania, it must be in writing and adhere to the following strict requirements:

The power of attorney must contain a:

Signed and dated “NOTICE” provided in 5601-C

Signed and dated by “Acknowledgment executed by agent’ provided in 5601-D

Signature of the principal

Name of the principal

Name of the agent(s)

Description of the powers granted

Details of when the powers start and finish

Acknowledgement of a notary public

Signatures from two witnesses

Date the document was signed

If the principal is unable to write out their signature, they may sign using a mark (for example, the letter “X”) or by directing another individual to sign on their behalf.

If the document is signed using a mark or by another individual, it must be witnessed by two individuals.

Witnesses must be 18 years or older and may not be the individual who signed the POA on behalf of the principal.

It is recommended that you use the language outlined in §5602 and §5603 to describe the powers you wish to grant your agent.

Completed documents (including electronic forms) may be filed with the clerk of the orphans’ court division of the court of common pleas in which the principal resides.

If the power of attorney authorizes real estate transactions and is acknowledged by a notary public, it should be recorded in the office for the recording deeds in the county in which the principal resides and any counties in which real estate transactions may take place.

If you need to revoke a power of attorney, you can use a revocation of power of attorney form.

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Pennsylvania Power Of Attorney Template PDF Free Download

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