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Painting Contract Template

Why Use a Painting Contract?

Having a painting contract in place before the work begins helps to avoid any confusion about what will be done.

It also helps protect both the painter and the customer in the case of legal problems.

The painting contract service agreement describes exactly what is to be done and what each party must do.

For example, the painter agrees to paint the exterior of the home between Friday and Sunday.

The homeowner agrees to pay $1000 to the painter on Monday morning.

If any of these things do not happen, then the parties can go to court to demand that the other party perform on the contract.

If the homeowner claims the painter damaged the property or did something outside the scope of the contract, then this can be established by examining the terms of the contract.

What Should be Included?


It is recommended to pay the painter during the term of the painting schedule, not upfront.

This allows the client to hold the leverage if the painter does not show up or is not performing in accordance with their agreement.

Payments should be set up on a weekly basis or at checkpoints such as:

Payment upon acceptance of the contract;

Payment after preparation (washing, applying primer, and sanding); and

Payment once complete (including clean-up).

Scope of Work

The scope of work includes the painter’s responsibilities such as where to paint and outlining the deliverables.

This helps to keep the painting project on a timeline so both the painter and client can follow it until completion.

Project Changes

If there are any changes to the project they must be agreed to in writing by both parties.

For example, the painter or the client cannot change the selection of the materials used that are mentioned in the original agreement unless both parties agree.

Industry Standards

Ensure that the agreement includes a clause that states the painter will perform the craftsmanship in accordance with industry standards.

This should include minimums such as:

Applying 2 coats of paint;

Storing paint correctly;

Priming the surface appropriately;

Brushing properly;

Covering non-paint surfaces; and

Finishing edges and corners in a professional manner.

Type of Paint

It is important to require the painter to apply premium paint in the contract.

In addition, the client should specifically mention the preferred paint as cheaper paints aren’t as durable with the effects being seen only after a few years (versus 10-15 years).


Most painting companies provide between 2 to 8 years (Kind Home Solutions) of warranty with common exclusions such as inclement weather or fire.

Most painters will offer such warranties as premium paint, such as Benjamin Moore, offer 25-year warranties on their products.

Independent Contractor

There should be a clause that mentions the painter is an independent contractor and is responsible for the payment of their federal and state income taxes.

This releases the client of any liability from having the painter be considered a W-2 employee.

How To Estimate The Price of a Paint Job

There are several ways to estimate the cost of a paint job. It can be done by estimating the cost of materials, or by estimating the amount of labour needed.

Materials Estimate

Measure the room or home. Measure the length and height of the walls, and multiply them to get the square footage.

Subtract the parts that will not be painted.

Measure the doors and windows, and subtract that area from the total square footage.

Determine the amount of paint needed.

One gallon covers 250 square feet.

Two coats are always needed for coverage, so two gallons are needed for every 250 square feet.

Estimate the cost of the paint.

Top-quality exterior paints are more expensive.

Estimate the cost of other materials.

Professional contractors do not always line-items things like dropcloths, caulking, and tape, but these will appear in a contract under “materials.”

 Labor Estimate

Two painters can handle 2,500 square feet in two days.

The labour cost will be about $500, or $250 for each person.

Measure the area to be painted as above.

Determine how much time is available to paint, and how many painters will be needed to paint that much area in that much time.

Consider other factors.

If furniture must be moved or the exterior walls need to be stripped or sanded, this will add time and labour to the costs.

Allow extra time for accidents, unforeseen incidents, and other problems. Add this figure to the total.

These figures are only rough estimates.

A painting contract should be constructed so that the parties can make adjustments for unforeseen changes, price fluctuations, and differences in costs.

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