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Chapter 4: Organising

Once the plans have been laid down and objectives specified therein, the next step is to organize resources in a manner that leads to the accomplishment of objectives.

A critical issue in accomplishing the goals specified in the planning process is structuring the work of an organization to adapt to the dynamic business environment.

The activities of an enterprise must be organized in such a manner that plans can be successfully implemented.

For planning to be fruitful a number of considerations like resources that will be needed, optimum utilization of the same translation of work into attainable tasks, empowering the workforce to accomplish these tasks, etc., need to be understood and dealt with properly.

It is evident from the way Wipro has moved towards reaching its goal of becoming a globally successful technology company, that organizing plays a significant role in the implementation of plans.

What has Wipro done to become a contending force among other global giants? Are there lessons to be learned from Wipro’s approach?

Wipro organized itself in a manner that allowed customer orientation to dominate over other goals and diversified on the basis of product lines. It also modified the relationships within the management hierarchy to suit the goals.

The management function of organizing ensures that efforts are directed toward the attainment
of goals laid down in the planning function in such a manner that resources are used optimally and people are able to work collectively and effectively for a common purpose.

Thus, it is in the context of effective management that the organization’s function earns due importance. It is a means for translating plans into action.

The organizing function leads to the creation of an organizational structure which includes the designing of roles to be filled by suitably skilled people and defining the interrelationship between these roles so that ambiguity in the performance of duties can be eliminated.

Not only is this important for productive cooperation between the personnel but also for clarification of the extent of authority, as well as responsibility for results and logical grouping of activities.

Let us take an example to understand how organizing takes place. Have you ever paid attention to how, the school fete which you enjoy so much, actually takes place?

What goes on behind the scene to make it the desired reality you want? The whole activity is divided into task groups each dealing with a specific area like the food committee, the decoration committee, the ticketing committee, and so on.

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NCERT Solutions Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 5 Organising

1. Identify the network of social relationships which arises spontaneously due to interaction at work.

Informal organization is referred to as the social relationship network that arises naturally as a result of interaction at work. The emergence of the informal organization is from social interaction and free flow of communication between the employees of the organization.

2. What does the term ‘span of management’ refer to?

The term span of management refers to the number of subordinates a manager is able to handle efficiently. It determines the nature and structure of an organization. There are two types of the span of management 1) Narrow 2) Wide

The span of management is dependent on various factors such as leadership, control, decentralization extent in the organization, nature of work, and the working ability of the subordinates.

3. State any two circumstances under which the functional structure will prove to be an appropriate choice?

The functional structure requires grouping and organizing activities that are of similar nature.

Under functional organization, each group functions separately and specializes in their work. Financial structure is suitable for organizations that are large and which have various functions.

Here are two circumstances that under functional structure is appropriate

1. Large-sized organizations need to have a functional structure in order to operate smoothly.

There will be many departments within the organization and making differentiation based on departments is very much helpful for an organization. It helps in improving the efficiency of the managers so that the work progresses smoothly.

2. A high degree of coordination is required for managing various functions. It is done to improve efficiency.

If an organization is having a clear division of work, a functional structure helps in promoting coordination between the various departments and thereby ensures all functions go on smoothly.

4. Draw a diagram depicting a functional structure.

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5. A company has its registered office in Delhi, a manufacturing unit in Gurgaon and marketing and sales department in Faridabad. The company manufactures the consumer products. Which type of organisational structure should it adopt to achieve its target?

For this company, the type of organization structure that needs to be followed is functional organization. This can be justified using the following points

1. Being a large organisation it requires proper departmentalization. It helps in increasing efficiency of the managers and also provides a great degree of control over the activities of the organisation.

2. Organisation like this is managing multiple functions simultaneously where coordination of high degree is required. It can be achieved in a smooth way by arranging a proper division of activities among various departments under the functional structure.

3. Specialisation will be promoted under functional structure and it will help in performing all the diverse functions effortlessly.

NCERT Class 12 Business Studies Textbook Chapter 5 With Answer PDF Free Download

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