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Chetan Bhagat One Arranged Murder Book PDF Free Download

Some Portion Of Novel

‘I will take an auto. Damn it, I will freeze in this cold’ Saurabh mumbled to himself and stormed out of the house.

I continued to sit in my house, staring into space, aware of the silence left behind by Saurabh Hi, I am Keshav Rajpurohit and I’m not a particularly nice guy.

Not emotional either. I don’t believe in love. I use Tinder to meet girls for the sole reason of having sex with them. Oh, and I am quite good at it. I slept with ten girls last year.

As you just witnessed, even my flatmate doesn’t want to talk to me. Saurabh and I used to be best friends. Now he hates my guts and is waiting for our flat’s lease to end.

It is harder to break up with a best friend than with a girlfriend. Why did it become this way? Well, I’m a dick. I don’t blame him for wanting to move out.

Saurabh and 1 both work at CyberSafe, a cybersecurity company. Working together complicates things further when you’ve had a fight Anyway, like any other corporate job, CyberSafe sucks.

My real passion is the little detective agency Saurabh and I own it as a side gig. Z Detectives. We started it after we solved a murder case last year.

Z Detectives is located in the Malviya Nagar market, next to Kirana shops. We don’t get exciting cases. We aren’t James Bond.

RAW and IB don’t approach us for help with international terrorists. We don’t even get any hardcore criminal cases.

Most of our inquiries are from aunties in the area, suspecting their maids of stealing their gold necklace or their husbands of having an affair Apart from the occasional robbery, where someone’s laptop or cell phone is stolen, Z Detectives is a tame affair.

Hell, the one thing I want is for us to get a real juicy murder case. Turns out Delhi isn’t quite the crime capital it is made out to be. My phone pinged. Message from an unknown number.

I threw my phone down in disgust. I would deal with this nonsense later. I thought about Saurabh. Why was this fatso so oversensitive?

Prerna had made him that way. But no, nobody can say a word against his fat bride-to-be. Yeah, I called her fat. Fat just like Saurabh.

Am I body-shaming? I told you, I’m not so likable. Anyway, what’s wrong with calling a fat person fat? And why the hell do I still care so much about fatso?

And why can’t I make a decent cup of tea? And can someone please kill someone in this city? I really need a good case. Okay, so let me tell you what happened between us. Of course, this is my take.

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Chetan Bhagat One Arranged Murder Book PDF Free Download

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