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Nurse Resignation Letter Form PDF Free Download

How To Write a Nursing Resignation Letter

The main bulk of a resignation letter like the nursing resignation letter template tells your employer that you’re planning on quitting.

It could also thank your employer for giving you a chance in the industry and explain your leaving.

Because of the sensitivity of this subject, you need to use caution as you craft your note if you want to leave the job on good terms.

Start your letter off with a straightforward statement about your intentions.

Making your desire to resign clear ensures your boss doesn’t feel confused.

Make sure to include the date of your last day.

If needed, talk with your HR manager to find out how much notice you have to give.

Typically, businesses require at least two weeks’ notice.

If you want to explain your absence, do so briefly. Remember, this isn’t a novel.

Look at how the sample writer concisely described her situation.

She didn’t go into personal details, yet she let her boss know why she was leaving.

After that, reminisce on the positive aspects of your job.

You could go over what you learned in the position or how it helped you grow.

Remember to be thankful even if you’re leaving because you’re unhappy in the position.

You may need to use your boss as a reference in the future, so you should keep him or her happy with you.

This doesn’t mean you have to lie. Simply keep your audience in mind as you think about the positives of your job.

End your correspondence strongly by offering help in the upcoming transition.

You can offer to train a new employee or finish paperwork before you leave.

What To Avoid in Your Nursing Resignation Letter

As you write your resignation letter, it may be tempting to give your boss a piece of your mind.

However, you should avoid being petty about something your audience has no control over.

This does not mean you can’t mention why you’re leaving.

Giving a brief explanation about what made you unhappy in your job may help the company grow in the future.

If you do decide to share what made you leave, be sure to support it with facts and remain diplomatic.

Don’t trash a company, but instead offer advice that will make it better.

Don’t get too personal.

Even though Yolanda was leaving her job for a very personal reason, she didn’t go into detail.

She simply said a family crisis was taking her away from work.

It’s okay, to be honest with your employer, but it usually is not necessary to give an overabundance of details.

Finally, avoid sounding phoney.

Sincerity can go a long way in helping you retain a working relationship.

Simply express how thankful you were for the job, but it’s time for you to leave.

What to Include

Use this letter to resign from a position as a registered nurse (RN).

Like any resignation letter, this one should include:

The intended date of departure.

Any provisions for the final weeks, if relevant

How to Resign as a Nurse

Step 1 – Control Your Emotions

It’s not easy to leave a job – especially a nursing position, which can feel like both a labour of love and a calling.

Try to anticipate these challenges before breaking the news to management.

Step 2 – Consult with Management

Speak to management first before sharing the news with colleagues or patients.

Generally, it is better to deliver departure news face-to-face and provide the letter as a supporting document.

Step 3 – Give Notice and Date of Departure

While two weeks is usually considered to be the standard in the professional world, try to get a sense of the norms at your workplace.

Aim to at least meet these expectations.

Step 4 – Follow-Up with a Written Resignation Letter

This letter sets the wheels in motion for the departure.

Putting it all in writing, and signing and dating the final letter, is critical for ensuring that there is no confusion about plans.

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Nurse Resignation Letter Template PDF Free Download

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