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Notary Acknowledgment

How to Find a Notary Public (in-person)

A notary public can be found at every branch bank or a UPS Store and financial institution in the United States. If neither is in your area use to find available notaries in your area.

Signature Types

Corporation / LLC – If an officer or member of an entity is to sign on behalf of their behalf there needs to be this language included for legal purposes.

Individuals – Standard form where a person signs and shows proper identification to prove that he or she, in fact, authorized the document.

Jurat – A person who must take an oath or swear to an affidavit in front of a notary public.

Partnerships – This specific type of entity requires to be mentioned that it is a partnership and which type (i.e. LP, LLP, LLLP, etc.)

How to Notarize a Document

Completing the Document

Like any profession, the cost of a notary’s time can be expensive.

Therefore, it is best to have the document completed and ready to be signed with enough copies so that each party may have an original.

Gather the Signers

All the parties must be present. In addition, all signing individuals must be of legal age (18 years old) and be carrying government-issued identification.

Otherwise, the notary will not be able to verify the identity of the individuals and you will have to come back.

Find a Notary Public

In-Person (*free) – Most financial institutions will conduct a notarization as a free service (*if you have an account).

If you do not have an account, a person can go to Bank of America, Chase Bank, TD Bank, or any large chain and they will usually conduct the notarization for a fee (typically $25).

In-Person (paid) – Otherwise, you can go to a UPS Store or find a local Notary Public using an online directory such as,, or the American Association of Notaries.

Online (paid) – If the form can be signed online by a notary public then,, or may be used.

Distribute Original Copies

It is recommended that all persons involved in the document that was notarized are issued an original copy with the seal of acknowledgment.

This will verify that each person possesses an authorized copy of the form on the chance it is violated or needs to be shown to a third party.

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Examples Of notary Acknowledgment PDF Free Download

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