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North Carolina Power Of Attorney

A North Carolina power of attorney form allows a person to act in someone else’s place and to carry out their financial, medical, or other personal affairs while they are alive.

These forms are common for the elderly or anyone who may need assistance handling their daily responsibilities.

The person giving power (“principal”) may select to have the forms be durable, making the form valid even if they should become incapacitated or unable to think for themselves.

How to Get Power of Attorney in North Carolina

To get power of attorney, the principal and the designated agent both need to fill out a power of attorney form according to North Carolina requirements.

In North Carolina, powers of attorney for property and financial affairs are regulated by the North Carolina Uniform Power of Attorney Act.

Powers of attorney for health care decisions must be created according to the North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 32A, Article 3.

All the forms provided on this page comply with North Carolina laws.

North Carolina POA Requirements

North Carolina law requires the following for a power of attorney form to be valid:

The principal (or another individual, in the conscious presence of the principal) must sign the POA document.

The principal must acknowledge their signature in front of a notary public.

The POA document must include the following information:

The names, signatures, and contact information of the principal and agent(s)

What powers are granted to the agent

When the agent’s powers go into effect (if not specified, they will take effect upon signing)

When the agent’s powers expire (if the power of attorney is not durable)

If you choose to designate multiple co-agents, you should indicate whether they will act together to make decisions on your behalf or have separate powers.

In North Carolina, powers of attorney are presumed durable unless the document specifies that the agent’s powers are revoked if the principal becomes incapacitated.

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Power Of Attorney North Carolina PDF Free Download

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