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North Carolina Name Change Form

A North Carolina name change form can be used by residents to legally change their names.

However, when getting married or divorced, individuals only need a copy of their marriage certificate or divorce decree to change their surname.

For any other name change, individuals will need to post a Notice of Intent to File Name Change and file a petition, several notarized affidavits, and a criminal background check with their county County Clerk’s Office.

In this state, the process for changing the name of a minor of less than sixteen (16) years of age is different from a minor who is sixteen (16) or seventeen (17) years old.

Younger minors must have a parent petition for their name change, whereas minors who are at least sixteen (16) years old can submit a petition for themselves.

Procedures for changing your name can be different depending on the county in which you reside, so you should always check with your county court to verify the required forms and fees.

Laws – § 101-2 to 101-8

How to change Name Change Notification Form – North Carolina online

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Finish redacting the template.

Save the updated document on your device, export it to the cloud, print it right from the editor, or share it with all the parties involved.

Adult Name Change (No Marriage or Divorce)

In North Carolina, any adult person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age can petition the court to allow their name to be changed.

However, residents are only permitted to change their name one (1) time.

Furthermore, they cannot change their name as a registered sex offender or if they are attempting to escape debts or a criminal record.

Although the approval process in North Carolina is relatively quick, residents must undergo both a federal and state criminal background check before they can file a Petition for Name Change with their county court.

Step 1 – Fingerprinting at Sheriff’s Office

To receive your mandatory criminal history check, you will need to go to your local Sheriff’s Department and have your fingerprints taken.

Be prepared to pay a fee of around $10 by money order or cash.

A staff member will give you a fingerprint card to complete. Upon completion, you will be given your original fingerprint card, which you will submit for your FBI criminal record check.

Step 2 – North Carolina Criminal Background Check

For the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) background check, complete the Criminal History Request Form and attach it to a copy of your driver’s license and birth certificate.

Enclose these documents, along with a certified check or money order in the amount of $14 (payable to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation), and mail them to the address below.

Step 3 – FBI Criminal Background Check

Your federal criminal record check can be performed either online or by mail. 

To complete your FBI background check online, go to this webpage and scroll down to the “How to Submit a Request” section.

Once there, type your email address in the space below “Enter your e-mail address to get started!” and click “Submit.”

You will be sent an email providing you with instructions on how to complete your background check using their online service. 

To request your FBI criminal background check by mail, first, you will need to fill out the Applicant Information Form.

Once you have filled out this document, enclose it in an envelope with a Credit Card Payment Form, certified check, or money order for $18 (payable to the Treasury of the United States).

After receiving your request, depending on whether or not you have a criminal history, the FBI will either send you a notice stating that no prior arrests were found or they will deliver an Identity History Summary, which details your arrests and criminal record.

Step 4 – Notice of Intent to File Name Change

The Notice of Intent to File Name Change is one of the forms that you must fill out in order to file a name change petition.

Once you have filled it out, you will need to submit it to your county courthouse to be posted on a bulletin for ten (10) consecutive business days.

If you have a legitimate concern for your safety in regard to making your name change public, you may be exempted from this requirement.

Step 5 – Petition for Name Change

Next, fill out the Petition for Name Change. Your petition is the legal document that formally requests that the court approve your name change and indicates your reason(s) for making the change.

This form requires information from your original birth certificate.

Step 6 – Affidavit of Character

When you submit your petition, you will need a signed and notarized Affidavit of Character from two (2) adults who are residents of your county and are not members of your family.

Both individuals must vouch for your good character in writing and sign the document in the presence of a notary.

Although most counties apply this requirement, it is not written into law and therefore, your county may not mandate the submission of these forms.

Step 7 – Affidavit Regarding Outstanding Tax or Child Support Obligations

Fill out the top section of the Affidavit Regarding Outstanding Tax or Child Support Obligations, leaving the date and signature fields blank (note that you will need to print out the document in order to circle certain answers).

The bottom portion of the affidavit should be filled out in front of a notary who must provide their signature and notary seal.

This document attests that you are a resident of the county in which you are filing and that you have no outstanding tax or child support payments.

Step 8 – Notary Verification

Once completed, you will need to get your Petition for Name Change and Affidavit Regarding Outstanding Tax or Child Support Obligations verified by a notary public.

Notary publics can be found at most banks during standard business hours, often for a small fee. Bring all of your name change documents and the Notary Verification form, unfilled.

Meet the notary in person and identify yourself with them before showing them your completed forms.

At this juncture, sign the Notary Verification form (and affidavit) where indicated and give the form to the notary, who will then sign, date, and stamp the document, thus providing their verification.

Step 9 – File Petition for Name Change

Bring all of the documents listed below as a package and file them at the Clerk of Court’s office in your county (for a list of Clerk’s Offices in the Eastern District of North Carolina.

SBI Criminal Background Check

FBI Criminal Background Check

Verified Petition for Name Change

Two (2) verified Affidavits of Character

Verified Affidavit Regarding Outstanding Tax or Child Support Obligation

Birth certificate (Certified Copy)

Photo ID

Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, government check, etc.)

The filing fee in cash or money order

Self-addressed, postage-paid envelope (to have your court order mailed to you)

Step 10 – Pay the Filing Fee

Filing fees are not uniform across all counties, so you will need to verify the cost of your name change in order to prepare the proper amount in cash, or as a certified check or money order.

Step 11 – Receive Order and Certificate of Name Change/Attend Possible Hearing

After the filing of your petition, as long as there is no objection to your name change, the Clerk will approve your petition and send you a court order and Certificate of Name Change.

You will be able to use this certificate to update your passport, driver’s license, social security, and other places where you are registered under your prior name.

In some instances, you may be required to attend a hearing, in which case you will be given notice of when it will take place.

Be sure to bring all of your name change documents to your hearing.

The Clerk has the right to refuse your request, even if your petition was filed correctly.

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