Native Son By Wright Richard

Native Son By Wright Richard Book PDF Free Download

Native Son By  Wright Richard Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

An alarm clock clanged in the dark and silent room. A bed spring creaked. A woman’s voice sang out impatiently! “Bigger, shut that thing off!”

A surly grunt sounded above the tinny ring of metal Naked feet swished dryly across the planks in the wooden floor and the clang ceased abruptly. “Turn on the light, Bigger.”

“Awright,” came a sleepy mumble. Light flooded the room and revealed a black boy standing in a narrow space between two iron beds, rubbing his eyes with the backs of his hands.

From a bed to his right the woman spoke again: “Buddy, get up from there! I got a big washing on my hands today and I want you all out of here.” Another black boy rolled from the bed and stood up.

The woman also rose and stood in her nightgown. “Turn your heads so I can dress,” she said. The two boys averted their eyes and gazed into a fur corner of the room.

A brown-skinned girl in a cotton gown got up and stretched her arms above her head and yawned. Sleepily, she sat on a chair and fumbled with her stockings.

The two boys kept their faces averted while their mother and sister put on enough clothes to keep them from feeling ashamed, and the mother and sister did the same while the boys dressed.

Abruptly, they all paused, holding their clothes in their hands, their attention caught by a light tapping in the thinly plastered walls of the room.

They forgot their conspiracy against shame and their eyes strayed apprehensively over the floor.

“There he is again, Bigger!” the woman screamed, and the tiny one-room apartment galvanized into violent action. A chair toppled us the woman, half-dressed and in her stocking feet, scrambled breathlessly upon the bed.

Her two sons, barefoot, stood tense and motionless, their eyes searching anxiously under the bed and chairs.

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Native Son By Wright Richard Book PDF Free Download

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