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Nanny Contract Template

A nanny contract outlines the conditions and terms of the work you do for clients.

It helps to improve your relationship with families and set clear boundaries with regard to your job expectations.

A free nanny contract template makes it easy to create legally binding agreements that protect your legal rights.

What is a Nanny?

A nanny is a person that is hired to take care of children.

A nanny will often be responsible for preparing meals, household duties, and providing everyday care. 

Depending on the employment situation between the parties, the nanny may either be hired as an employee or an independent contractor.

If hired as an employee, the nanny will be paid by the hour ($/hr) including travel expenses (in accordance with IRS Mileage Rates)

Live-in Nanny

A live-in nanny is someone who resides full-time with the family they are supporting.

A live-in nanny may not be paid as much per hour as a remote nanny but has the added benefit of not having to pay rent.

Nanny vs Babysitter

The main difference is a nanny is expected to provide everyday care for the children while a babysitter is just a “stand-in” for a period of time and is not expected to prepare meals, provide housekeeping duties, or do any other labour besides supervision.

What Is a Nanny Contract?

A nanny contract is an agreement between a caregiver and the legal guardians of a child.

This legal agreement sets the terms of the independent contractor relationship or employment by the family.

In either case, you must have a written services agreement about your role.

A nanny contract is also often called:

Nanny agreement

Contract for nanny services

Child care services agreement

Why Use a Nanny Contract?

You should use a nanny contract to set clear expectations and boundaries for your job.

A written agreement helps prevent unexpected requests from a client.

You also get countless other benefits such as, but not limited to:

Clear nanny responsibilities and expectations

A legally binding agreement and evidence in court, if necessary

A clear schedule and process for changing the nanny schedule

Clear compensation requirements and guidelines

An established reimbursement or a sales agreement for any goods that you provide as a nanny.

attempt to find someone.

How to Hire a Nanny

Finding a trusted person to look after your children is not an easy decision.

Letting go and giving complete control to someone else has led many parents to even install cameras in to keep an extra close eye.

Hopefully, with the resources put forth below, a decision can be made on a trusted person to look after loved ones.

Step 1 – Finding a Nanny

The best resource is to look to your family and friends to see if there is anyone that can take care of the children.

A family member will have natural care for the children due to being related and, in most cases, works as the best solution.

If a family member is not available, ask if there is anyone that another family member knows or has used in the past.

There are only two (2) websites that offer profiles and reviews of nannies:

Step 2 – Interview Process

After selecting potential candidates for the position, it’s best to schedule a time to interview them and view their personalities.

If everything seems to be going well during the interview, having them interact with the children is a good indicator of how they will work out.

It’s important to hire someone with a calm and relaxed demeanour and who will always have their temper under control.

Nanny Application

A nanny application allows the parent to look up and verify that the nanny is who they claim to be.

Information contained in the nanny application will allow the parent to also obtain their consent and be able to perform a background check.

Step 3 – Performing a Background Check

After obtaining consent, a background check may be conducted in addition to contacting past employers or any other references listed on the nanny application.

This is the last security measure the parent is to take before deciding whether to hire the nanny.

Any references should be spoken to on the phone and the criminal background check must be conducted online.

Criminal Background Check Services

No matter which service is selected it’s best to always choose to perform a nationwide search.

TransUnion (Shareable) – Recommended option

Basic: $35

Premium: $60

Basic: $29.95

Premium: $64.95

Basic: $29.99

Premium: $79.99

Step 4 – Negotiating the Nanny’s Pay

The nanny’s pay is decided by the local area’s cost of living and available nanny positions.

For example, a nanny in New York or San Francisco may be more expensive than in northern Maine due to employment opportunities.

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