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Missouri Power Of Attorney

Missouri power of attorney forms allows a person (“principal”) to choose an agent to handle their personal and business affairs while they are alive.

Depending on the type, the agent will have control over financial, medical, tax-related, vehicle, or other decisions making responsibilities.

The agent will have the same power as if the principal was acting on their behalf.

A power of attorney form is valid to be used by the agent after being signed under the State requirements.

How to Get Power of Attorney in Missouri

To set up a power of attorney, both the agent and principal fill out and sign a power of attorney form.

Durable powers of attorney in Missouri are regulated by Missouri Statutes 404.700 to 404.737, with which all forms available on this page comply.

To revoke a power of attorney in Missouri, you’ll need to fill out a revocation of power of attorney form.


Section 404.705 lists the requirements for a durable power of attorney in Missouri.

The POA document must contain the:

name and signature of the principal

name and contact information of the agent(s)

what powers are granted to the agent

when the powers begin and end

name and signature of a notary public.

Missouri Power of Attorney For Minor Child

A power of attorney giving a third party (agent or guardian) the authority to assume parental responsibility for a minor child for a limited time is called a power of attorney for a minor child.

Missouri DMV Power of Attorney

A trusted third party (agent) named in a DMV or motor vehicle power of attorney may execute vehicle-related transactions such as transfer of ownership on behalf of the principal.

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Missouri Power Of Attorney Template PDF Free Download

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