Missouri Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form 1957 PDF

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Missouri Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale

The Missouri bill of sale forms is created to help buyers and sellers document the transfer of ownership of personal property.

These forms are types of receipts that include the items that were sold, the date of the transaction, the contact information of both parties, and the parties’ signatures to prove authenticity.

For an extra layer of validity, the buyer and seller may wish to sign the bill of sale in the presence of a notary public or witnesses.

Bills of sale aren’t always necessary when buying and seller personal property privately; however, the buyer may need a bill of sale to title or register a vehicle (car, truck, boat, etc.) after the sale.

Registering a Vehicle

When someone purchases a vehicle, they have thirty (30) days from the date of purchase to register it with the state of Missouri.

A vehicle owner can renew their registration every year, or every two years, depending on their preference.

They can do this online with the Missouri Department of Revenue, by mail, or in person at any Missouri license office.

Where to Register

Vehicle owners can register their vehicles at any Missouri license office.

Registration Resources

Motor Vehicle

Department of Revenue License Offices – A map of all Motor Vehicle and Driver License Office locations where residents can apply for vehicle registration.

Application for Missouri Title and License – A Department of Revenue form used to apply for a vehicle title and license.

Notice of Sale or Transfer – A Department of Revenue form used to record the sale or transfer of a motor vehicle.

This notice of sale form or a bill of sale will be required when registering a vehicle in the state.


Concealed Carry Permit – The Missouri Sheriff’s Association (MSA) webpage contains firearm permit information.

Sheriff’s Office – Contact information for sheriff’s offices in Missouri.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity – A map of the states in which a Missouri concealed permit holder may carry a concealed weapon.

Concealed Carry Permit Application – Residents who wish to obtain a concealed carry permit must apply using this application form.

Required Documents

Bill of Sale;

Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 1545);

Certificate of Title (can apply for this at the Missouri Department of Revenue);

Application for Missouri Title and License (Form 108);

Valid driver’s license;

Missouri Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney if an individual other than the owner is registering the vehicle for them;

Registration Fees; and

Proof of Insurance with Minimum Requirements:

$25,000 per person for bodily injury;

$25,000 per accident for a property; and

$50,000 per accident for bodily injury.

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Missouri Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale Template PDF Free Download

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