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Military Letter Of Recommendation

A military letter of recommendation increases the likelihood of acceptance when applying for a particular position, promotion, special program, military school/academy, or to request an award/medal that a person feels they deserve but was not awarded upon discharge.

Whether it’s the Air Force, the Army, the Marines, or the Navy, there’s a good chance a letter of recommendation will be required at some point in a military career. 

Typically, a collection of recommendation letters is required for these applications/requests, with everything in an application package being less than 6 months old.

When admissions committees are comparing two candidates with equal kits, a collection of sterling recommendation letters from credible, reliable sources can make the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Using the Sample Military Letter of Recommendation

The sample military letter of recommendation in this article can be utilized for various situations when a military officer is being recommended for a higher position.

All the samples come in PDF file format, which is great for using as a guide to writing a good military recommendation letter.

Since the file format is lightweight, you can easily download any of these with ease and you can also edit these without problem with the help of the correct office applications.

The best things in life are free, which is the reason why we are offering these high-quality and top-notch samples for free.

With five sample letters to choose, it gives you a wide range of samples to choose from.

Each of these comes in a variety of styles, outlines, and designs while still being able to adhere to military standards.

The layouts and formatting of these are very easy and copy to your document editor.

This means that you do not need to make one from scratch.

Who to Select?

When selecting a writer for a military letter of recommendation, keep in mind that extra weight is given to recommenders who are high-ranking officers.

A captain, major, commander/colonel, and general/admiral are excellent options; however, if they do not know the candidate personally, they aren’t a reliable judge of their character and therefore a poor choice.

If it’s not possible to get letters from the chain of command, the next viable options are people who know the candidate personally, preferably someone who can attest to their growth or has seen them in a leadership role.

A letter of recommendation could come from a teacher/professor, an employer, a coach, a mentor, a religious leader, or anyone that can speak to the applicant’s character.

A collection of recommendation letters should come from a variety of sources who present similar testimony of the candidate’s character relevant to the position/promotion/program/award for which they are applying.

Providing the letters contain true and accurate evidence of the applicant’s eligibility, this collection will make for a cohesive argument in their favour.

In some cases, a specific number of recommendation letters is demanded.

The applicant should research the guidelines of the application before submitting it to avoid providing too many, or too few, letters of recommendation

How to Write (Format)

A military letter of recommendation should be well-crafted and precise in format, as it will go into the official files of the military.

It’s very similar to a business or college-style letter, but the formatting is more detailed for military personnel or civilians employed by the military. 

The main content of the letter will include an introduction, 1-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

These paragraphs should be numbered (unless the writer is non-military personnel).

 All writers should keep the tone of the letter professional and do their best to deliver a sound argument regarding the applicant’s qualifications and suitability.


If the letter is written by military personnel, it will follow a clear-cut format.

Use organization letterhead if possible and, at the top of the page, include the following information:

Writers who are not in the military can ignore these formatting details such as office letterhead, “MEMORANDUM FOR”, “FROM”, “SUBJECT”, and numbered paragraphs but they should still include the date.


The first paragraph should contain the name of the applicant and the intent of the letter; 1 sentence is sufficient but this paragraph could be 2-3 sentences should the writer wish to include how long they’ve known the candidate, their credentials, and what qualifies them to recommend the candidate.

First paragraph. This is the paragraph where you will introduce yourself, what your position in the military office is and your relationship with the officer being recommended.

You should also include how long you have known the person being recommended and to what extent you know him/her.

You also state in this paragraph what position you are recommending the officer for.

Second paragraph. This is where you need to talk about the qualifications of the candidate that make him/her deserving to be promoted to the position he/she is being recommended for.

Explain in detail and quantify, if possible.

Third paragraph. 

This will explain the reasons why you are recommending the said individual and why you are confident to recommend him/her for the position.

You can also mention that the applicant is eager and enthusiastic about having a higher position in the military.

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