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Mijbil Otter

Chapter 8: Mijbil Otter

The following is a story of a baby Civet cat that fell from a tree and was raised by humans. It is a true story from Assam written by Rommel Shunmugam who is a conservation photographer. Through his photo stories, he seeks to inculcate in children a love for nature and wildlife. Civet cats are found in most parts of India.

They are also called toddy cats. They live on palm trees and love to drink the sweet sap, which is collected by toddy tappers to make wine! Dharini and his family rescues and rehabilitates wild animals. These are mostly babies or animals that cannot look after themselves.  Hi! My name is Bhakat. I am a baby Civet cat. I am three month old. Shhh! I am taking a nap with my brothers. Yes, I live in a family of humans.

They treat me like their own Baby! My home is a little thatched hut by a river in a small village in Assam. The hut has an earthen floor and mud-splattered walls. Its doors are always open. I come and go as I please! Mama takes care of all three of us! Her name is Anjali. She cooks, cleans and plays with me. I secretly think she loves me the most. She lets me be real naughty! Mama is about to make brunch! She is making roti and vegetables.

I don’t like vegetables, but I like fruits. I love meat. I am omnivorous. Mama always feeds me before anyone else! I love things dipped in milk. They are yummy! The man of the house is Dharini. If not for him, I would not be alive today! My civet mother built a nest for me in a very tall coconut tree. One night I slipped and fell to the ground! When villagers found me they took me to Dharini. Dharini loves animals. I began to live in his home.

I was very small. I could not walk. I ate and slept a lot! Do you know why my eyes are so large? That’s because I am a nocturnal animal. I sleep in the day and am active in the night. My large eyes help me see better in the dark! I also have a very long tail! It helps me balance on tree-tops and branches. I mostly live on trees, though I do come down to the ground. Animals like me are called arboreal! Inside Dharini’s house, I always snooze in the rafters.

I like being high up; it reminds me of trees! One day I woke up to find a strange sight, Dharini’s house was filling with water! In the night, the river behind the house started overflowing its banks! Inside everything was helter-skelter. Things were piled on top of one another! The monsoon had arrived! Dharini and Anjali carried us babies outside the house! There was water everywhere and it was very muddy! But the sun was out and it was not raining! I stayed high on the fence and made sure even my long tail did not get wet! Dharini went to pick snails.

Snails had climbed branches and walls to escape drowning in the flood! Every gardener knows that snails eat plants. By eating snails, I ensure that they do not overrun your garden. I maintain the balance of life in nature! When it floods, you find fish everywhere! Dharini cast his net in the garden and began catching fishes.

They are kept in a pan of water to keep them alive and fresh to eat! Montu, my brother, tried to be naughty! He caught me and threatened to dip me in water! He got a scolding from Dharini. I hate to be in water! Back inside the house, it is time for me to play with Mama! I shall rest awhile and then be up again at night. Mama always leaves a midnight snack by the lantern!

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NCERT Solutions Class 10 English Chapter 8 Mijbil Otter

Question 1.
What ‘experiment’ did Maxwell think Camusfearna would be suitable for?
The writer had gone to Southern Iraq in the year 1956. He took a fancy to the idea that instead of keeping a dog as a pet, he would go for an otter. Camusfearna was surrounded by water, so it would be an eminently suitable spot for this experiment.

Question 2.
Why does he go to Basra? How long does he wait there, and why?
The writer went to Basra to collect and answer his mail from Europe.
He had to wait there for 5 days as his mail did not arrive.

Question 3.
How does he get the otter? Does he like it? Pick out the words that tell you this.
His friend bought the otter for him and sent it to the place where he was staying.
The author liked it. This is seen in “The second night Mijbil came on to my bed in the small hours and remained asleep in the crook of my knees….” “ I made a body-belt for him…”.

NCERT Class 10 English Textbook Chapter 8 With Answer PDF Free Download

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