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The Minutes of the Meeting

Have you ever been the secretary of your high school or classroom? Or do you have fun taking down notes in the classroom (if the teacher is that interesting) with you knowing that it will be part of the test or not? If you did try all or one of those experiences, then doing the minutes of the meeting would not seem to be a stranger to you.

Once you have experienced and had fun taking down simple notes in the past may it be in a classroom, through a game, or with friends, you can bring those skills to you in making the minutes of the meeting in your workplace.

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A minute in a meeting is an official document.

It is almost impossible that an office or a company or an organization, would not have this kind of document or would not make this kind of document.

It is a kind of document where the one being assigned or the secretary is tasked to write the important pieces of information that were being discussed throughout the whole meeting. 

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Now you might think that this kind of document could be so long to the point it would reach 10 to 20 pages just because of the longevity of a whole day meeting, but that is certainly not the case.

The minute of the meeting is a summary of the whole meeting being broken down into parts or agendas that were being tackled.

These kinds of agendas often have a result and that is where the one being assigned to do the minutes of the meeting should take note of.

Not only that but also on who voted for who and who said what that could be a relevant suggestion that made the committee discuss it more and deliberate about it. 

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The one being assigned should know how to paraphrase fast to get the gist of every piece of information, especially in those times there were deliberations taking place.

He or she also has to be so attentive and focused so that he or she would not get left behind and be questioned as to why he or she seems to not be paying attention to anything that is being discussed currently in the meeting.

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Once the meeting is done, the one being assigned to do the minutes of the meeting must type everything down and print it ASAP so that the other members of the other employees will be updated on the things that will be happening in the company in the days to come.

Its function and purpose are as simple as that. 

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How to Take Meeting Minutes 

Writing minutes is about detailing and clearly communicating the items discussed.

Remember, this is NOT a transcript and should not include verbatim what is said.

It outlined a summary of the meeting detailing topics covered and any decisions made

1. Prepare a Meeting Agenda

Before a meeting, often times a meeting agenda will be created as an outline to follow for the attendees to follow and stay on track.

The agenda will usually have topics to discuss with set time periods for each topic.

2. Who Attended / Who is Absent

The meeting minutes also work as a sign-in sheet to list who appeared and who was missing.

A roll call or other way of finding out who is present should be conducted.

3. Note-Taking of Discussions

The main points should be summarized for each topic that is discussed.

For example, if there is a disagreement over a decision, the positions of each individual should be recorded.

4. Recording of Motions

For important decisions, a motion may be called to put forth a vote of the attendees.

Each individual should clearly state their “Yays” and “Nays,” which are written down and entered into the minutes.

5. Getting Approval

After the meeting has adjourned, the minutes must be approved by the chairperson before being distributed.

The chairperson will review and make sure unwanted details do not leave the room.

After signature, the minutes may be distributed to the appropriate parties.


Action Items – Tasks created to be completed at a later time.

Approval of Minutes – To certify the minutes may be distributed.

Attendees – To mark down who is present and absent during the roll call.

Board Meeting – A scheduled gathering of an organization and its officers, directors, and shareholders.

Board of Directors – A group of individuals nominated by an organization to make major decisions.

Call to Order – Includes the purpose, location, and date.

Chairperson – The speaker of the meeting (commonly a CEO or President).

Director – A director is a person who is part of the board of directors.

Meeting Agenda – Topics of discussion that are approved by the members before or during the meeting.

Motion – A motion is to suggest a vote is taken by the eligible members of a meeting.

Parking Lot – Items that are not talked about but are mentioned.

Quorum – The minimum number of individuals required to have a recognized meeting.

Resolution – Any vote that is taken because of a motion is made into a resolution after the vote is taken and written in the minutes.

Roll Call – Taking attendance while entering the names of those attending and absent.

Secretary – The note-taker during the meeting.

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Sample Meeting Minutes Template PDF Free Download

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