Kanthapura Novel Book PDF By Raja Rao

Kanthapura Book PDF Free Download

Kanthapura Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

TO TELL YOU the truth, Badè Khan did not stay in Kanthapura. Being a Mohomedan he could stay neither in the Potters’ Street nor in the Sudra Street, and you don’t of course expect him to live in the Brahmin Street.

So he went to Patwari Nanjundia and growled at him, and the Patwari trembled and lisped and said he could do nothing.

Only the Patel can do something.” Then, straight went Badè Khan to the Patel and said: ‘Hè, Patel. The Government has sent me here, and I need a house to live in.”

Hm, said Patel Range Gowda, crossing the threshold on to the veranda, a house. Well, you can look round and see.

I can’t think of one for the moment. He opened his better-bag and carefully taking a tobacco leaf, he seated himself, and wiping the tobacco leaf against the dhoti.

He put it into his mouth, then put an areca nut with it and began to munch. Bade Khan was getting restless. Not only did the Patel look indifferent but he hadn’t even asked Badè Khan to seat himself.

So, he went up the three steps and sat by a pillar, his feet hanging down the veranda and his stick between his legs. They were silent for a moment.

Then, Hè, Chenna, cried Rangè Gowda, turning towards the inner courtyard, you had better go to the Big Field and see whether those sons of concubines are planting well.

And tell Mada to hurry back before midday and fill the carts with sacks. Tomorrow is the fair.

Meanwhile the cattle were coming out of the main door, the Whity, the Blotchy, and the One-horned One and Lakshmi and Gauri, and then the bulls and buffaloes.

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Kanthapura Book PDF Free Download

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