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Job Letter Of Intent Template PDF Free Download

Job Letter Of Intent Form

Ideal for expressing and outlining one intent with respect to another the letter of an Intent template is perfect.

It finds use in various arenas like real estate purchases, negotiations in business,  acceptance of offers and proposing formal offers as well.

The template gives you an entire format to follow and keeps you from going off-topic.

Mostly used for scholarship acceptance and purchases such a template is capable of meeting more than one need.

With a complete layout for basics like the subject matter, contacts, names of concerned people, name of concerned institution, number as well as the title of funds etc.

The letter of intent sample guides you through the entire process of writing a letter of intent while being concise and staying on top of it.

How to Write a Job Letter of Intent

Step 1 – Save The Job Letter Of Intent Template To Your Machine 

This template, a correspondence which states your intention to gain employment, can be worked on as a PDF, Word, or ODT file by using the buttons under the image to access the desired file and then download it for your use.

When you are ready to issue this correspondence, locate it in the folder you saved it to, then open it.

Step 2 – Introduce This Letter With Your Return Address

The Potential Employer receiving this paperwork should be able to recognize its Sender immediately.

This effect is easily achieved since there is a standard place to present one’s self as the Sender of a document.

Locate the blank lines on the left and near the top.

Use these to dispense your name and current mailing address.

The Potential Employer will understand your self-report identifies the Sender and return address of this document because of its standard placement. 

Step 3 – Dispense The First Formal Date Of Your Intent

It will be considered crucial for your purpose to name a definitive “Date” when this letter is issued.

This solidifies how recently your interest in the position was put forth.

Some Job Seekers will postdate this line to account for the time it takes to be mailed.

Many would say this is a logical choice of action but be cautioned against post-dating it too far in the future.

Step 4 – Report The Address Of The Potential Employer

Now, as a matter of courtesy, document the Potential Employer’s mailing address as it appeared in the listing you are answering or on its company profile.

The first line after the “Date” you supplied is reserved for the business name of the Potential Employer while the two that follow require this entity’s business address. 

Step 5 – Greet The Potential Employer

After identifying the business entity, the full name of the individual you are writing to should be used as the greeting of this letter.

If you do not know the name of the Recipient then you may use the name of the department accepting applications or a generic phrase such as “Hiring Manager,” “Sir Or Madam,” or “To Whom It May Concern.”

Make sure to include a title if it applies (i.e. Doctor, Judge, Principal, etc.).

Note, avoid terms such as “Mrs.” or “Ms.” that indicate a marriage status unless you are completely sure it is an accurate greeting.

Your greeting is the first impression upon a review so if you do not currently have the name of your Recipient, it is strongly recommended you make an effort to obtain it.

Step 6 – Introduce Yourself and State Your Intention

The first paragraph should act as your introduction.

Many suggest that a direct approach is the best one to take, especially, since many Reviewers will not wish to spend more than a predetermined amount of time reviewing each job inquiry.

Therefore, the first paragraph should be brief, contain your full name, and deliver the topic of this letter as your intent.

Step  7 –  Discuss Your Career History And Education

The Employer will need to see a basic explanation of the skills and credentials qualifying you for the position you seek. Begin with a statement to describe the relevant skills for this position.

Avoid any misrepresentation as this may cause significant obstacles.

If you are not sure what the best skills you possess are, re-read the job description and then relate your skillset to that job description.

Do not list skills required by a job listing unless you possess them or have been exposed to the functions they relate to. 

Step 8 – Close Your Letter By Ensuring The Employer Can Contact You

The final paragraph should serve as a closing to the letter that is being completed.

The final paragraph bears some importance since, now that you have the Potential Employer’s attention, you can give him or her alternate ends to contact you.

This is especially useful if an Interviewer wishes to initiate contact with more immediate results. 

Step 9 – Prove Your Intent By Signature

This letter will need some proof that you are serious about your intention to obtain the desired position.

Sign the “Signature” line following the closing phrase “Sincerely.” 

Step 10 – Attach Your Printed Name To Your Signature

Your full name should appear in print so there will be no question as to how you should be addressed during a return call or email.

The “Print Name” line is at the end of the signature section.

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Job Letter Of Intent Template PDF Free Download

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