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Types of Immediate Resignation Letters

An individual can make an immediate resignation letter for different kinds of reasons.

Here we are going to look at some of the reasons for their immediate resignation.

Polite Resignation Letter

While it is common courtesy to be polite in every letter you make, be it a business letter or otherwise, the purpose of the polite resignation letter is to gently inform your employers that you feel you are not in the right company to achieve your goals.

Urgent Resignation Letter

Immediate resignation letters are already a form of urgent resignation letters, however, this type of letter is given out when an unforeseen circumstance arises that you need to attend to and you’re unable to properly give an explanation.

Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

An immediate resignation letter due to personal reasons isn’t an uncommon letter of resignation.

Most employees give this when they are hesitant to disclose their reason for resigning.

Immediate Letter of Resignation Due to Health Reasons

Health is among the reasons for a person to resign from their position.

It could be that the workload is causing that person’s health to deteriorate and forcing them to resign to better take care of themselves.

Immediate letters of resignation due to health reasons can include illnesses and pregnancies.

Immediate Letter of Resignation Due to Stress

In every work environment, stress is guaranteed to be present.

However, if the stress is too much, maybe from the workload, the schedule, or even the people around you, then you can make an immediate letter of resignation due to stress to give yourself the rest you need.

Immediate Letter of Resignation Due to Complaints

When there’s a problem at work that hasn’t been resolved yet, it would take a complaint to get it resolved.

However, if the problems persist because the company has done nothing to fix it and you’re too fed up with tolerating the problem then you will have to create an immediate letter of resignation due to complaints.

Immediate Letter of Resignation Due to Work Abroad

People take a side job to pass the time while waiting to hear back from the company they applied to from abroad.

Most of the time the answer arrives before they can begin work.

However, there are times when the company calls you back when you’re already settled into your side job.

So to let your current employers know that you’re taking the job from abroad, you will need to create an immediate letter of resignation due to working abroad.

Your current employer should be understanding of the situation.

How to Immediately Resign from a Job

Call employer promptly

Time is of the essence, so communicate as soon as it becomes clear that a departure is imminent.

It is often best to speak in person. Schedule a meeting to broach this difficult topic.

State reasons for sudden leave

Since short notice goes against the grain and can sour professional relationships, it often helps to share some background information about the change.

Ideally, the immediate resignation is compelled by circumstance and not due to employee negligence.

Companies are less sympathetic of employees whose short notice stems from their own oversight, but if you do not explain your motivation, management might assume the worst.

Try to give a 2-week notice

Even if 2-week’s notice will not be feasible, try to provide as much advanced warning as possible.

Submit your Immediate Resignation Letter

Submit a signed copy of the Immediate Resignation Letter to a supervisor or HR representative.

Save a copy for personal records.

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Immediate Resignation Letter PDF Free Download

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