Idgah: Festival Of Eid By Munshi Premchand

Idgah: Festival Of Eid Book PDF Free Download

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A full thirty days after Ramadan comes Eid. How wonderful and beautiful is the morning of Eid! The trees look greener, the field more festive, the sky has a lovely pink glow.

Look at the sun! It comes up brighter and more dazzling than before to wish the world a very happy Eid. The village is agog with excitement.

Everyone is up early to go to the Edgar mosque. One finds a button missing from his shirt and is hurrying to his neighbor’s house for thread and needle.

Another finds that the leather of his shoes has become hard and is running to the oil press for oil to grease it.

They are dumping fodder before their oxen because by the time they get back from the Edgar it may be late afternoon.

It is a good three miles from the village. There will also be hundreds of people to greet and chat with, they would certainly not be finished before midday.

The boys are more excited than the others. Some of them kept only one fast-and that only till noon. Some didn’t even do that.

But no one can deny them the joy of going to the Edgar. Fasting is for the grown-ups and the aged. For the boys, it is only the day of Eid.

They have been talking about it all the time. At long last, the day has come. And now they are impatient with people for not worrying up.

They have no concern with things that have to be done. They are not bothered whether or not there is enough milk and sugar for the vermicelli pudding.

All-day want is to eat the pudding. They have no idea why Abbajan is out of breath running to the house of Chaudhri Karm Ali.

AuthorMunshi Premchand
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Idgah: Festival Of Eid Book PDF Free Download

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