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Chapter 1: What The Profession of Selling Really Is

I learned a long time ago that selling is the highest-paid hard work-and the lowest-paid easy work I could find. But also found out that the choice was all mine.

I could make it the highest-paid hard work or I could let it be the lowest-paid easy work.

I discovered that what I’d achieve in my selling career was entirely up to me and that the only thing that mattered was what did for myself, and what gave myself.

The whole point of this book is that the skills, knowledge, and drive within you are what will make you great, and these qualities can be expanded and intensified if you’re willing to invest time, effort, and money in yourself.

You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort, and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset.

Some Advantages of Selling:

Freedom of expression – The freedom you’ve won for yourself by successfully competing where resourcefulness and perseverance are demanded and highly valued.

Freedom to become successful as you’d like to be – No one limits your income but you. There are no income ceilings.

It’s a daily challenge – You are privileged to be involved in one of those precious few activities where freedom and challenge aren’t rarities, they’re constant companions.

You never know what opportunities the day will open up, what prizes you can win, and what catastrophes may befall you. To the salesperson, every day is an adventure.

Psych yourself up to enjoy the challenge. Go on prowl for it, find it, and overcome it.

It offers high potential returns from a low capital investment – What does it cost to gain entry into this profession that has no income ceiling?

You can launch yourself into sales career for a tiny fraction of the franchiser’s investment and, by applying the systems in this book, have greater earning power sooner.

It’s fun! – My philosophy is that if it’s not for fun, it’s not worth doing. It’s satisfying-It’s a thrill to know that you’ve helped people when you go home at night and can say It’s satisfying-it’s a thrill to know that you’ve helped people when you go home at night and can say “I got another family happily involved in what my company provides.

The people you serve benefit in direct proportion to your ability and skills. The better you are at sales, the more you benefit others your clients, your family, and the nation’s economy.

It stimulates your personal growth-Professional salesperson to recognize no limits to their growth except those limits that are self-imposed.

To earn more, develop more competence. Study this book’s sale skills. Study your product or service.

Study your customers and your territory. Keep up with technology-at least those aspects of it that help make you more productive. Practice growing your skills at every opportunity.

The Myth of the Natural-Born Sales Wonder

So many of us believe in this myth. It lets us avoid taking full responsivity for our own performance. This common fallacy is a destructive idea that I’d like to eliminate from your mind right now.

The myth cuts two ways: A few believe they are naturals. That’s great for confidence, but it’s often the source of raging overconfidence.

When this overconfidence persuades people that they don’t have to bother learning to be competent like ordinary mortals, they trap themselves far below their potential.

Many people believe they’re not naturals, th8nk it’s hopeless to work at becoming competent-and trap themselves far below their potential.

Let’s attack this dangerous idea now and get rid of it. There never has been a great salesperson who was born great.

So stop excusing yourself from the hard work of learning how to be competent in your sales career.

Chapter 2: The Twelve Sources of Sensational Selling Success

I’ve gathered a list of twelve that seems fairly common to those who achieve Champion status in selling. They’re interwoven.

All twelve overlap. You can’t improve in one of these characteristics without helping yourself improve in all the others; you can’t ignore one of them without damaging your potential over the whole range.

  1. You know the Champions when they walk in the door.

They project the unmistakeable stamp of competence with the attire and grooming. Just by looking at them, you know that you are in the presence of a powerful force-people who have a purpose and are ready to carry it out to the fullest.

They reflect a sense of unique individuality and a solid consciousness of worth that’s far more impressive than mere good looks.

  1. The Champion we’ve trained take tremendous pride in the profession of selling and in themselves as human beings. They are proud, not only of what they do to living-helping other but also of their companies, their products, and the service they provide.
  1. Champions radiate confidence. Coming down with a permanent sense of underconfidence is a great danger. Potential clients will sense your uncertainty and, even if you do a reasonably good job of presenting your product, buy from someone else.
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