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Hotel Receipt Form PDF Free Download

How Do You Define a Hotel Receipt?

Anyone working in hotels is familiar with hotel receipts. Their personnel creates these documents in the first place to provide every guest with a copy.

First of all, a general receipt refers to any document acknowledging complete transactions.

This itemized sheet contains the critical transaction details—payment amount, item description, date of purchase, you name it.

When it comes to a hotel receipt, is a receipt specifically for hotel transactions.

Indeed, this form contains evidence that guests completed their Payment for the room accommodation.

The same goes for other services that were availed during their stay.

And as a protocol, the staff must present a valid receipt when a guest checks out.

A Quick Visit to the History of Receipts

Why is a receipt necessary for hotels or, in general, you might ask? Why don’t we look back into how useful it was from the olden times and even until today?

Did you know that the absence of a receipt used to have the death penalty? Shockingly, it was true during ancient times; that is if one has not paid his or her taxes.

Have you ever heard of Alulu? He received one of the oldest receipts ever by paying for five sheep, four grass-eating kids, and a lamb.

The receipt was still some sort of clay with a 1×1 and a half-inch in thickness. 

Making receipts also traces back to the invention of writing.

In 3200 BCE, Samaria formed similar writing using Symbols.

That way, they kept track of the many products they offered for the temple, especially to Egypt.

By Ramses II’s reign, papyrus receipts became a thing.

Purchases ranged from a lot of things like cattle, makeup, beer, grain, and so much more.

Moving forward to the invention of banking, particularly from late medieval Italy; receipts were still highly recognized. By this period, depositing money is universal.

And besides giving a Bank Deposit Slip, that’s right; people receive a receipt too. Fast forward to Gutenberg’s popular printing press.

Numerous receipts boomed the market as well. Such pre-printed forms only need to be filled out for convenience, and it can be found almost anywhere from merchants, farmers, bankers, and more.

Back in the modern age, paper receipts became less common since many businesses are now sending e-receipts.

However, an eMarketer report reminds us that 68% of people still demand printable receipts.

Only 19% like digital receipts and 8% prefer not getting receipts at all.

Thus, printed receipts are still relevant nowadays.

How to Write

1 – Save The Hotel Receipt As A Reusable template

The receipt template pictured on this page can be used to verify that payment for hotel charges has been paid. Save it using the “PDF,” “Word,” or “ODT” buttons that are on display near the preview.

2 – Produce Identifiers For This Receipt And The Sender

After accessing the template you’ve acquired, click on the blank line at the top right of this page attached to the label “Receipt Number.”             

Continue down this column by dispensing the calendar “Date” when this paperwork was generated to the second line in this column.     

Now, the legal name used by the Hotel that has received the payment being discussed is needed.

Input the line labelled with “Hotel Name.”    

3 – Name The Hotel Client In this Transaction

The entity that was billed for the Hotel’s services and products will need to be included in this report.

This identification should be considered mandatory and can be documented by satisfying the “Bill To” section on the left-hand side of the page.

This process begins with the legal “Name” of the person who has submitted the concerned payment.     

If the Payer represents an entity, then input the “Company Name” of this paying entity in the second blank space.  

The three remaining spaces in this area are devoted to a report on the Payer’s address.

The two lines following the entity’s name (if any) require the “Street Address” and “City/State/ZIP” while the “Country” should be recorded on the last line.         

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Hotel Receipt Form PDF Free Download

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